The family/bloodline we are born into can offer us the greatest challenges of love and forgiveness yet beyond all of that is a much deeper wisdom. Australian Aboriginal people believe that you/me/we are the result of our family’s dreaming and that those dreams are/were the golden gems gifted to us from the ancestors.

Family life is a mixed bag of blisters and blessings yet none of these experiences are random or accidental. The shamans teach that the aspirations/unlived dreams/wishes/desires offered by our blood family infiltrate our lives (either consciously or unconsciously) as gifts or impulses of inspiration. If, for example, your father dreamed of sailing the seven-seas, but never could because of various constraints, you may live that life for him -- even if you never knew he had this dream -- even if you never met or knew your father. This is the power of the blood-line vibration.

This is certainly what happened to me - These are the gifts of the soul.

If we examine our lives we will see certain patterns in of lives that echo our relatives life-journey. For example my sister and my mother were both widowed at about the same age and faced similar stresses. We often think about past-life-times echoing in our lives, and that certainly is the case, yet there are some events that are so serendipitous, blessed and amazing, that only the angels could have lined everything up for us. The shamans believe that these kinds of events unfold because they have been dreamed/wished and then offered out to the Universe by our blood-family, sometimes for generations.

Dreams, visualizations or wishful thinking are not just idle “day dreams” they are in fact multi-dimensional creations. Most of our ancestors have lived through the hard times of war or disease yet continued to focus and dream of a happy future for their children and grandchildren. The action of frequent, focused dreaming is projected into the future, and then attracted, often unconsciously, to be lived and awakened in our own lives. When we do this, we not only heal ourselves by attracting this loving dream-gift, but we also offer the gift back to that blood-relative. Time appears to only go in one direction, but vibrational energies can transcend time and go back to the relative who may have once sat in a dingy room, hugging a cup of tea and dreaming of a life of adventure, freedom and joy. At some level, even if they are long-deceased, they feel the healing and expression of their dream being activated by you in the now-present moment.

The regular practice of focusing/visualizing positive, loving dreams can and does over-write time and change the future of those who are open to receive, be inspired and follow the golden gems offered by the ancestors. My golden-gifts flooded to me from many relatives, but particularly my Father and my Aunt. They lived through very hard lives, at the beginning of the twentieth century, but they dreamed a bigger dream, and their dream was a gift to me.

I was born shortly after a wave of terrible events occured in Europe and then around the world. My grandparents’ generation were devastated by World War 1. Shortly afterwards a terrible financial depression occurred. This all culminated in yet another dreadful war where nuclear weapons were used and millions killed. Then, shortly after the bombs were dropped on Japan there was peace and a promise of abundance. I was born into a rather spoiled generation that arrived in the dreaming of those who had survived all the wars and devastation. We were the promised ones; the ones they had waited for; the children of peace-time after so many years of conflict, devastation, pain and misery.

 My father's mother died when he was age six and raised by his older sister, who at only 16 became a mother to her all siblings. When their father died at sea, her “boyfriend” sent a telegram to tell her to hold on to the council house, they would marry to keep the family together. Hardly romantic and she had little say in the matter! She spent her whole life cooking, cleaning and taking care of her siblings, and then her own children. There were no choices for her any more than for my father who was conscripted and sent to war at only 19 years of age. He was later reported missing, presumed dead, so my aunt went into mourning for the brother she had raised and now lost. Yet somehow he had survived. He returned to Liverpool to find that his sister had moved to a larger house. The old neighbours sent him to the new address and he arrived well after midnight, to the startled shrieking of my Aunt’s hysterical cry that “our Sam” had come home. They had a street party!

Years later, my cousin told me how my father was shaking non-stop from shell-shock and yet was so glad to be home. He had been taken prisoner in North Africa, escaped and found his way following the stars to the allied camp. What kept him sane and able to handle the long trek across the desert was the dream/vision of his family. He wanted his own family with babies and a happy future. He dreamed a bigger dream of adventure and travel. This is the dream that his children would inherit.

Back in the 1960s an inspiration, which was more like an overwhelming urge, fell upon the mind of my father. He began to write. Every weekend, after working all week in a factory, he would write in long-hand in a series of exercise books. Years later, when I read his book I discovered my father, the man who was not just “dad” but a dreamer like myself.

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Lloyd George Knew My Father was written by my father, Sam. It is the true story of a conscripted private in the British Forces who saw some of the worst battles of World War Two. He describes the conflict from the view-point of a young private who soon realized that the war-machine and the class-system of Britain remained entrenched. He and his "mates" were expendable and they knew it.

He was captured, yet escaped across the desert, by way of the stars and returned home, battle scared and "shell-shocked." There was no therapy, other than a cigarette and a strong cup of tea in those days. Yet after he wrote this book my father's life blossomed. The process of unburdening himself via the written word in these note-books allowed the toxic memories and brutal experiences to leave his mind and allow healing to enter his soul.

My father’s dreams, and those of his sister, my Aunt were crushed in the arms of patriotic and family-duty. Yet they still live in me, and as I live them, these gems are sent back to them, and also to the future. Dreams are real and they will be lived, but not always by the dreamer. We are all part of each other’s dreaming and those dreams are the golden gems we bless each other with.

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I published my father’s book. It is available on AMAZON as both a print and an eBook/kindle. This is my way of honouring my blood family and the gifts of those dreams they dreamed so many years ago. All profits go to charity to help others dream big dreams.

Your life is the consequence of dreams; find your way of honouring those who dreamed for you.

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