workbook 01The Shaman's Door is a series of four books recounting my personal journey living and working with Native American traditional people. It includes the core teachings, such as insights into the Vision Quest and the sacred Medicine Wheel, that everyone can embrace in their lives. The final book is the Sacred Circle Workbook which includes the day-to-day basics of "how to" grow * smudge herbs, * make smudge bundles, * make and wear a Medicine Bag, create a Medicine Wheel, including a diagram, plus a listing of every stone, crystal, herb and colour and their places on the wheel.

I have included my memories of my time with my wonderful teacher, Sun Bear, in his Retreat Centre in Northern Washington State, back in the 1980s. He taught me and many others, this information along with  how to love Mother Earth. I feel blessed to share it with you. Sunbear was an amazing man who had a quirky sense of humour, but a heart as big as the ocean. I am so grateful to have known him and received his gifts of wisdom.

This book offers an original, earth-based way of living in the world where nature is a mother and friend. We are by nature connected, heart, soul and mind, to Mother Earth and Father Sky. When we separate ourselves from our spiritual parents we feel bereft, lost and often quite mad! This is why we are seeing a mad world... I believe it is because we have separated outselves from the one true healer... Mother Earth and Father Sky! 

Wolf Trail - Walking the Good Red Road is the First book in the series. It is called Wolf Trail because I had unexpectedly stepped along the wolf trail that lead to my teacher's home in far northern Alberta in Canada. The wolf is the totem of the teacher and it also the symbol of the arch of stars that we in the west call the Milky Way. To the traditional people it is the wolf trail and each star is a tiny footprint of the spirit wolves who watch over us all! Parts of this book appeared in my older book: Sacred Circle, which is now out of print.

Kachina - The Butterfly Trail .. is the second book and it is the story of my journey into the deep desert wilderness of Arizona to the Little Painted Desert. I went there to accept an invitation and discovered the Hopi medicine ways, their prophesies and legends. I participated in sacred ceremonies that stretch back to the dawn of time and that takes me on the butterfly trail of transformation. Most importantly, it is here that I received the Moon Lodge women's teachings of the sacredness of our cycle and the power of living and working on the land.

If the traditions of the moon lodge interest you, or you want to engender a deeper connection to Mother Earth, you will find this book insightful.

Ghost Mountain - Journey to the Sacred Tree - this is the story of my personal Vision Quest in the Rocky Mountains of southern Alberta. I spent a summer living in a Camp near the Rocky Mountain foothills with several other apprentices, including my soul Brother Michael. We learned to awaken our clairvoyant abilities and hear inner wisdom. This is where I received my most profound insights. It is also a journey of other medicine people and how their powers are both tested and expressed. It is also a heartbreaking account of how large corporations destroy native communities and the warriors who try to defend their rights.

If you want to gain a deeper insight into the sacred ceremony of the Vision Quest, you will find this book full of insights and wisdom.



All of these books are available through the shop.  I am also in the process of uploading them all to AMAZON so you can read them as eBooks.