Lightbody 01One of the most commonly asked question I receive, almost daily, is how do I awaken or develop my clairvoyant or psychic abilities? I believe that psychic or clairvoyant abilities are not special gifts for the few, but a natural ability. This is why so many Empaths are being born into the world at this time. One of the biggest obstacles to developing this ability is, however, the very fact that you “think” it needs to be developed. If you allow.. it will all flow!


A child does not wake up every morning and start to focus, meditate, say affirmations on growing a bigger body. He or she just trusts the process with a knowing that they will be “big” one day. They talk about it with utter confidence saying things such as : “I am going to do that when I am a big girl...” etc., 

If you feel your psychic abilities are not as strong as you’d like them to be, first look at your expectations or your beliefs about yourself. You must always remember that the Universe is like a “not too bright” gentle giant. He/she always takes everything you say, internally and externally, painfully literally... including little “jokes” that we don’t really “mean” So when we say “jeez I am such a klutz. I am always doing this,” the Universe says : “Yes, she is always doing that!” and so it is!!!

Therefore, the very first and most important step is to constantly watch where your mind is wondering, and the self-talk you dish out to yourself. Start to speak to yourself more lovingly, more confidently, even if you feel it is a bit of a fib! As you constantly affirm your psychicness and amazing accuracy, it will become so!

We all develop our spiritual psychic abilities in our own special way, so if I have a criticism of many Development Circles it is a tendency to offer a ‘one size fits all” methodology. I am naturally very visual and always have been, therefore to try to train me mentally without visions is just about impossible. I would suggest that many of you are more like me and therefore may have “failed” many of these mentally based, affirmation only, systems. My experience is that if I simply image/visualize/pretend a certain scenario/picture... no words...just a picture, it manifests much sooner than a mental affirmation.

As some of you know, I did my spiritual training with traditional Native American Indian teachers, so therefore my path ended up being quite unique. This is why I wrote my book: LightBody, about fifteen years ago. In it, I offer my insights into how to develop spiritual insights/clairvoyant abilities. I offer all my little hints and tips on how to see the aura and this includes the shape of the aura (which is not always egg shaped at all!!!)

Your aura is your LightBody. As you get in touch with your light self, you get in touch with your light abilities... it is that simple. This book is now available on my site, but also via AMAZON as an eBook