You are Spirit!! This world and your physical body, are just temporary constructs made only for the purpose of desire. The world, the planets, moon and stars will one day die. Certainly, your physical form has a “use by” date.

All is transitory -- nothing is permanent in our world.

For many living in this world of choice the experience is euphoric yet, no matter how idyllic your life may be now, eventually everyone faces stress and difficulties in their life. This occurs not as a punishment from an angry God, but as the consequences to the gift given by God --  that of free will. We were each given that gift, and the vast majority of people make a mess of it all. However, the God of love would never take away this gift, instead you are sent helpers, often called Spirit Guides and Angels.

Spirit Guides gently remind you that you can choose a better option (using your free will) and they will help you do this. This is why I state, very clearly and with authority that – everyone has spirit guides standing at their side. There are no exceptions. Of course whether they listen to guidance is a whole other blog!

As we come here to experience a life of limitations due to physical form. We very soon discover hunger, thirst, gravity and viruses. As we focus on these “needs” we often forget we are actually an eternal spirit and none of this is who we really are, or what we are. We have identified with the transitory-dream-state, and so to rise above it all, and “graduate” Earth School, and get back home, we need some mighty teachers.

What holds us back from returning to our true nature immediately is our own inner blocks, guilt and anger. Much of this is unconscious, therefore Spirit Guides help us identify these road-blocks and literally guide us towards the action of finding a healer, the correct teacher or the most powerful rituals and experiences necessary to hasten our journey home. This is why we may have several guides from many different time-zones and ancient cultures.

Your Spirit Guides and your Angels will help you see, live and understand your life from a whole new perspective. They are not magic little pixies who will give you the lotto numbers, or find parking spaces for you. Their role is only to awaken you into truth, overcome wounds and suffering, and to return home to your true and eternal self. If the journey to that goal is helped by getting you a parking space, that can occur, but it is pretty rare. If it would help for you to have a soul-mate romance, then that would also be arranged. If it would not help, they will block it. They do this not to harm you, but to stop you harming yourself. We are like babies playing with scissors. We scream if the angels pull the scissors out of our chubby, sticky little hands, but surely that action is wise!

Instead of insisting on wanting what would harm you, turn and ask your guides to guide you to your true pathway. The true pathway is always blissfully, beautifully wonderful and filled with love. You may find you can talk with Animal Totems, and receive their messages. They gift you with talents, such as art, writing or washing the dishes. The gifts are always perfect for your pathway, because your angels and your guides truly love you and only want the best for you.

As you progress higher, more evolved guides and masters work with you to gently awaken you to the fact that you are capable of anything and everything – divine consciousness. This happens once you have attained more spiritual confidence. When you reach that stage you will be ready to experience direct Divine Guidance and will no longer need individual guides or helpers, because you will be fully awake, fully aware, fully conscious. Suddenly, and yet so easily, you know that your guides were and are your awakened future self. They had flowed back to your un-evolved, sleeping self to give you a hand-up. At that moment, you will blend or awaken into your guides and they into you. All the many guides, lifetimes, experiences and identities morph into a oneness joined as one with the divine. Of course, words cannot possibly describe this adequately, other than to say it is really nice!

This is also why guides seem to change or move on. This is to prevent us becoming too attached to their individual identity and limitation. Their role is to help us awaken NOT to become a crutch and keep us cemented in place.

Spiritual energies are very subtle. They are like a soft breeze caressing your cheek. In order to connect we need to sensitise ourselves through "unconcentrating" or simply remaining open, grateful and energized.

I am clairvoyantly sensitive -- In other words, I see stuff. I see all the many energies dancing around you, on all the dimensions, and I draw what I see. I will have messages and insights to share with you, but you then frame it under glass. Your picture will then becomes an interactive tool you to sensitise your eyes, mind and heart.

As you meditate or simply "day-dream" gazing into this picture, you then see some of your own physical reflection shining back at you along with the more subtle energies I have drawn on the black paper. This triggers you to open up to the spirit world (which is always there) simply by tricking your brain out of its logical function into a more gentle and sensitive mode of investigating all energies not just those that are physical.

This simple yet effective method is based on traditional Native American Indian traditional ways of spiritual attunement using smoke over bowls of water or simply meditating on milky crystals that are polished to allow both your reflection and the reflection of nature. Once you open yourself to this ability, you no longer need the "tricks" or techniques. Your natural spiritual insights will give you with this clear sight! -- You will see me at expos, and private sessions -- and check out my dedicated facebook pages.

Clairvoyant Spiritual Art Readings:

lilyrosePart of your session with me includes a reading. I receive information on your current situation and well as insights into the meanings of animal spirits, colours and chakra energies currently impacting upon your being. I also channel messages directly from your guides/angels - I am not a fortune teller. I can only bring forth what I am given from spirit. Time after time, guides tell me that they are with us to empower us. They cannot do that when we use them as an endless source of "what is going to happen next."

There is no "fate" other than the one you create. Guides are here to help you choose the path of enlightenment, harmony and happiness, by helping you awaken your natural intuitive abilities.

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Blessed be... at all times, and in all ways,