I have been creating my Spiritual Art for over forty years. During this time I have noticed a gradual change, or perhaps evolution, in the human aura. Your guiding energies, often called "Spirit Guides" are located within the aura. Their loving presence influences your aura colours as well as the colours and resonnation of the Chakras. We have more than one Spirit Guide, and each one has gifts of wisdom to offer us! 

In my paintings I focus on the spirit guides or angels as well as the aura colours, the chakras, and the animal totem spirits that are every bit as important as the "guides." This is why my pictures are larger than A4 because everything is included on the same page. This complete picture gives you a clearer and fuller insight into to your natural spiritual energies. It also becomes an incredible tool to help you open up your third eye and awaken your natural clairvoyant/psychic energies!

We are all literally inside a beautiful, vibrating sphere of guiding light. These energies are constantly evolving and changing because of the many changes we face in our lives. This is why I believe that it is no longer enough to simply draw just the human guides that are with us; I believe we need to dedicate ourselves to drawing the true multi-dimensional energies seen around every person, as very clearly most of us are not aware of these huge changes and shifts.

If you are going through emotional or sensory changes, your aura and your energies may have evolved or changed. Go into a meditation, preferably with a spirit guide or angel, and ask to be shown how you have changed. You may also get a message to have your own personal portrait drawn by myself, or another spiritual artist. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of your own inner spiritual growth.

Most importantly...always remember that you are here to become self-empowered NOT to be "told" what to do either by a spirit guide or by a psychic. While many beginners start out with a reading where they are "told" all kinds of information, in the end, if we are simply waiting to have our lives manifest by a higher order, we can never become the highly evolved beings we are meant to be!

Finally... enjoy your Earth Journey. You are a magnificent being of light who sometimes thinks that what you see in the mirror is all that you are. This is only natural, so forgive yourself for this, love yourself no matter what is happening to you, and know that every obstacle, challenge and choice strengthens your energy body and pushes you gently towards mastery!

Blessed be,

now and for all time,