StarSeed.sapphire 01StarSeeds have visited our world for centuries in order to assist our awakening and healing... This Trilogy focuses on the StarSeeds and their amazing gift for our world....This information was channelled from the StarSeed Mary Magdalene... her portrait is on the cover of the final book.

The StarSeeds made a sacred promise to help heal this world because of interference by other Beings who were exploiting the resources of the planet. This book does not, however, focus on this interference but on the solution and the healing methodology created by StarSeed Beings and offered as gifts. 

Mother Earth and her children have been isolated from clear and open interaction between the Star Worlds in order to allow the Earth-Beings time to heal. As this has unfolded, various members of the StarSeed worlds have chosen to incarnate into Earth bodies in order to gently awaken and heal the Earth seeds. These mystical Beings have visited our world for centuries in order to assist our awakening and healing.... are you a StarSeed?

Starseed 033What began as a short “paper” channelled directly from Mary Magdalene has now become a three-part book series that offer deep spiritual wisdom for sleeping StarSeed Beings, and for parents of StarSeed children from various spiritual realms. The first of the series outlines, in great detail, the personal StarSeed contract and describes how a spirit chooses to incarnate here and how this personally impacts them. It is not an easy road to walk, but every StarSeed is here on mission, and this book goes into detail of every step along that pathway. 

StarSeedNar 01In the second book we look at the next part of the StarSeed contract. Not every StarSeed is here to fulfil this part of the journey, but if a StarSeed finds a strong pattern of Narcissists in their lives, either in relationships or in their work environment, they have most probably elected to embrace the second element of the Sacred Sapphire contract. This book, called The Owl and the Pussycat” outlines that major role that the StarSeed must embrace if she or he has chosen this expression. 

StarSeed.sapphire 01The final book, The Sapphire Contract, goes into great detail about the Sapphire contract and explores the origins of every StarSeed Being. There are many StarSeed worlds, including the Pleiades and Sirius, which are the best known, however, we also explore the mystical Feline Spiritual Sisters, and many others. As you read each description you will gain a deeper insight into your StarSeed origins, and perhaps the StarSeed origins of your friends and family. Most importantly, if you are a parent of one of these less well known StarSeeds you will find the information invaluable as you help prepare your child for their life mission in this very challenging world.

These three books make up the trilogy of StarSeed wisdom and allows you to truly and deeply explore your StarSeed lineage. There are many beings in this world who have deliberately switched off their spiritual abilities in order to enter the lower energy of Earth.. if you are one of them you may find you do not need to learn anything, but rather awaken abilities that are sleeping within. If you confuse this, you may end up feeling frustrated, isolated and spiritually blind. It is only because you are approaching your spirituality from the wrong point of view. Once you discover your inner alignment it all flows easily because your spiritual StarSeed Family becomes a vital element in your spiritual awakening.

As you look up into the heavens each night do you find yourself drawn to the luminous white stars of Sirius, the beautiful world that guided ancient Egypt? or perhaps you see the blue distant stars and are thus an Indigo Being here to make enormous changes. Perhaps you have a crystal child? Or you have been sent to help awaken the Earth to a higher vibration as a Pleidian... In this book you will discover your spiritual origins and most importantly, your alignment with your StarFamily who are supporting you complete your life-purpose at this huge time of change.

Are you ready for the deepest truth? Only you know!

All Three books were channeled directly from Mary Magdalene.

Book 1 - The StarSeeds - Holy Grail
Book 2 - StarSeed - The Owl
Book 3 – StarSeed – The Sapphire Contract


The cover of the Sapphire Contract has my portrait of Mary Magdalene, as she appears to me. Of course she comes with a snowy white owl, but the red bird you see is actually a little red Cardinal Bird... a sacred bird for her, for he change change colour and morph into various disguises, just as she had to do in her last incarnation!