In this article I offer practical ways for you to work with the drawings I create for you and ensure they remain in good condition.

My pictures are now around 55 x 70cms in size and I generally use black paper to ensure I get the aura colours correct. I can use other colour paper, but they do not have the impact that the black paper gives.

I use black paper to ensure your drawing is accurate at all levels. Black is not technically a "colour" because it has no influence on other colours. It is the absence of colour!

The paper is professional pastel paper, and it therefore has a certain amount of texture. You will see that texture coming through the painting. This allows the pastel, which is pure pigment compressed into a stick, to adhere to the paper. If there was no texture, and the paper was shiny, the pastel would eventually slip off. I use high quality materials for everything because I want to ensure that the pictures remain true to colour for many years. This is why the materials are called "archival" .. this just means there is a low acid content in the paper and in the pastels. My pastels are not "chalk" even though they appear to look like chalk sticks. They are made in France and Germany, because I prefer the quality that comes from these two sources. I can spend as much as $7 per stick for some of the lovely German colours, but they do last and last. Sadly some of the cheap "made in China" pastels do not last, and turn to powder as they are used. You may have noticed that I have very little dust under my eisel because of my choice of high quality pastels.

Caring for your Picture: I always roll your picture up into a tube, with tissue paper. Please unroll it very slowly and carefully. I also suggest you actually cut the rubber bands to ensure they do not tear the paper. Your picture will probably be curly, so let it flatten on its own by leaving it, with the tissue on top, on a table or bed for at least 24 hours, or longer. Please ensure kitty or puppy does not want to play with your picture because there is nothing I can do for bite marks!

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My paper is professional pastel paper and so it is made ONLY for dry materials. It cannot take any mount of moisture or rain. Even a few rain sprinkles will blister the paper. Yet heat is not a problem. Even if you leave it in a very hot car, it will not get damaged..(although I do not recommend this!!!) It is best not to hang your picture near a bathroom or kitchen because of the moisture.

I use professional soft pastels (no chalk at all!) therefore the pictures needs to be protected from moisture... Ideally you will have it framed or laminated. Take it to a highly reputable laminator, and tell them to set the temperature nice and high. It looks delicate, but it can be heat blasted! If they do it too cool, the picture blisters and you will get white blisters all over your image.

Ideally you have the picture framed by a professional framer who understands how to work with pastels. I have had many of mine professionally framed and they last for many years when done properly. The framer will spray it with a special fixative just before it is framed.. therefore """Do NOT use hairspray"" hairspray has oils and perfumes and it ruins the picture. If you want to spray it with fixative buy one for specially for pastels/charcoals and ensure you follow the instructions to the letter. Too close and you will blast the pastel away.. too far away and it will not fix properly. I also recommend a "mount" which is that cardboard shape that goes around the picture. This pushes the picture away from the glass where the natural bounce of floorboards can make the picture rub up and down inside the frame. You can also pick out a colour from your picture to compliment the overall image.

Please do not use blue-tac on your picture without either laminating or framing it first. There are horrible oils in bluetac that can ruin the picture. If you do not laminate or frame the picture the moisture in the atmosphere will cling to the pastel, and then dust sticks to that, and then it becomes heavy, and then it all drops off. You will have a blank sheet of paper within about a year.

Spiritual Connection/Meditation with your Picture:

UnicornLadyYou will notice that when you frame your picture, and stand in front of it, you will see your physical reflection in the picture. Your picture has become a spiritual mirror because of the black paper. This is the ideal matrix for you to connect to your guide(s)!

When I look at you, or anyone, I see this blended image of the Spirit Guide and person; as you meditate, day-dream or simply align with the blended image, you will begin to trick your eyes into seeing the same thing. Your Spirit Guide stands slightly above and behind you. He or she sends you loving messages via your aura into your heart chakra. As you do a daily meditation with the blended image of you and your guide, your own inner pathways to receiving clear guidance will open up, more and more. This is why I was directed by my guides to make these pictures the size, shape and colour they are.

Most importantly.. trust your guidance. Ask your guide to take you to the best framer or laminator. Ask your guide to show you where to hang your picture and ask your guide what other tools you may need, such as crystals, incence or sea-shells or feathers, that you need to hold as you meditate/connect with him/her. This portrait is your guide, at least as I see him/her. Naturally you do have some of my energy there as well, but I can assure you that my guides have worked with your guides to create this beautiful combination of energy.

Your Messages/Reading: I am clairvoyant but it is your Spirit Guides, along with mine that offer me the information I share with you. Everything that happens to us has a deeper reason, a spiritual reason, and your guides will help you uncover it. This may take time, and this is why the constant and regular meditation with the picture can help so much. This is not because I have drawn the image, but because you are aligning with the higher spirits who love and care for you, and your life journey. Therefore please look at your picture everyday, even for a few seconds - it will help!

As you align more clearly, your guides will reveal karmic patterns or wounds that are part of your life-purpose to heal in this lifetime. You can discover this as you meditate by simply asking : "what do I need to learn, heal or release today" and you will receive your guidance clearly.

Most importantly, always remember that your guides raise these issues only for healing and this will ensure that eventually you will return your life to harmony. They are called Spirit Guides because they try to guide you towards love and harmony... they are not dictators. You have free will and guides simply help you make the best choices! Most importantly, no matter what you have done or what errors you have made in your life -- they NEVER stop loving you.. You are loved so very much by these beautiful spirits... remember that you never walk alone! .. to explore this more deeply, please read my other articles on angels, totems and spirit guides.... 

If you feel a reading from me is something that would support your life, please have a look at the Consultations and Readings sections of this site, and see if it feels right for you.


Most importantly, follow your heart and your feelings.

You will be guided to the person you need to support your pathway.