MeinactionI have already welcomed you to my website where I offer my insights, writings and spiritual art, but please take some time to explore the many articles I have uploaded in this, and other areas.

I offer some articles I have written over the years in a variety of topics in the hope that they will support your life journey. I never proclaim to be an expert on anything, in fact I have few qualifications, other than my old journalism certification -- what I can offer you is insights from my life as a clairvoyant artist and writer of well over forty years.

I have been offering spiritual insights since 1978. At that time I used to offer very simple Tarot readings, but over the years my readings morphed and included art, and then teachings and more recently, several books. My books are available here, but you can also find them on Amazon and in various bookshops world-wide. It is just something I felt guided to do. 

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I offer these writings in the hope that many of you take some time to look at your life and ensure you are being guided by higher spirituality rather than just going with the flow. From my observations over the many years, a huge number of people simply go through the motions of life, often in heavy-duty competition with others, seeking some unspoken and often nebulous goal. The world we have collectively created urges us to become "successful" but that usually entails grabbing, manipulating and playing games with one another. Of course we do not view it that way, but nonetheless we can all fall into those traps. I know I have, many years ago, as I listened to the sage advice of my elders which was to work for the "dream" of happiness which can only come with wealth, the right relationships and certain criteria. I am not saying for a moment that these things are "bad" .. what I am suggesting is that the greatest wealth is your own soul/spirit and when we explore, investigate and awaken that.. we are rich indeed.

Please read through all these articles here. I offer them only to be helpful. I am not trying to rope you into a workshop or seminar. I am also not suggesting you need to work your way back into your truth or spend lots of money on workshops and seminars. No..  spiritual work should simply be to focus on awakening and thus knowing. Most importantly, please remember and understand that your Spirit Guides / Angels are a 24-hour a day free guidance system, which is always 100 percent accurate. Make connection with them your focus and allow their inner vooice to blossom within. As this strengthens it becomes your inner voice for there is so much more to you than you can ever imagine. This inner voice guides with beauty and grace, whereas the outer voices of the world do not.. I am sure you have noticed this! 

In my many travels around the world, and to dozens of conferences/workshops and seminars, I have to tell you that many of "celebrity" workshop presenters and psychics that people see as "experts" on spirituality are often more a mess than you could possibily imagine. If you feel guided to listen to their wisdom, and know that urge comes from your spirit, then do this, but please don't allow yourself to be guided by any feelings of inadequacy or lack, because these dark feelings will always steer you wrong and you will end up on a long and dark pathway to no-where.

Trust your inner voice. Ask for confirmation. Ask to receive guidance every day, and as you do this it will get stronger. We are all going home together back into the light and love from where we came. It is not as hard as you might think, because love is the most natural thing in the world. Love and be silent, just as Cordelia says in King Lear. Love and be who you are, and open your heart to your beautiful spiritual guides for they truly love you, and only want the best for you.... enjoy! 

You will find my articles on shamanism, and how to embrace this very powerful pathway, very helpful. I have written several books all based on the practicalities of "HOW" to do this for yourself. You are here to regain your spiritual power, and when that is neatly tucked under your belt, you can go where you like. Until then, you are under the command of your hidden guilt and fear.

I offer very few workshops and talks these days, and prefer to concentrate on my sessions of art and clairvoyant readings. However I do hold regular meetings/gatherings focusing on the incredible wisdom of A Course In Miracles. This is not an easy thought system to embrace, but it is the only one you want. It gently, and diligently replaces the old thought system of competition, attack, fear and guilt and raises the hidden love, deep within your heart, to the surface, thus replacing the lie with the truth. It is profound and I am happy to offer what I can to assist your pathway of awakening.

Feel free to contact me at any time, otherwise perhaps we will meet at an expo or presentation somewhere along the tracks.

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