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There is a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you.

All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet.

The scent of flowers is their gift to you. The waves bow down before you, and the trees extend their arms to shield you from the head, and lay their leaves before you on the ground that you may walk in softness, while the wind sinks to a whisper round your holy head.”

This deeply moving and spiritually comforting quote, from A Course in Miracles Workbook asks us to let go of what we “see” outside and awaken all that is sacred and holy within. We do this by focusing ONLY on what is eternally true within every person and within every expression of life. It is so easy to sit around with friends bemoaning our lot in life, or pointing out that the politicians are behaving badly, or that the “greenies” did this or that, or whatever. And these days I have to include facebook quotes complaining about an insult, or annoyance by “someone out there” who has been bad, mad and dangerous to know (a description once levied against the poet Lord Byron!) Of course we also have to include the “conspiracy theory du jour.”

The fact is that what we focus on in our lives expands and grows. It is like watering and fertilizing a plant. Every thought you have, every comment made to your friends automatically waters/nurtures a plant within you. As you focus on “ain’t it bad” that grows. As you focus on gratitude, appreciation and love, so that grows within. It is not at all complicated.

The Course in Miracles then promises us that as we live and awaken this truth the world becomes “sanctified” because of “your very presence” and that, dear friends, is the miracle – not from amazing being outside of ourselves, but from shared love and true healed focus. Furthermore everything is restored including health, healing and so much more..

This power is your eternal spiritual identity. This power is referred to as the Holy Spirit in the Course, but there are so many other words one can use, including the inner Goddess, the Holy Mother or Holy Father. Words in the end are not important; the concept is vital.


This inner power is used or misused every day; you cannot abstain or freeze your energy, but you can “forget” that you have it, and so “blame” others for your experiences.

Your experience of your life, the amount of inner peace/tranquility and oneness with all of life that you enjoy daily, reflects where you have invested your spirit. An analogy I often use is in fact in reference to several parables used by Jesus in the New Testament. Every day you receive a bag of gold coins from spirit (God) and you choose to invest this gift in a wise, expansive, loving, stupid or downright nasty/shonky “spiritual bank account.” Every day you receive the “interest” from your investment and that is reflected in your life. This occurs every day and every moment, even if you have totally forgotten your spirit and prefer to “blame, shame and get angry” with all those “bad” people out there. But you can remember once again, for this truth remains within, even if it is covered over.. you can choose to awaken and embrace the true and beautiful gifts offered to you by spirit.

As we approach the last solstice of the decade, and we then enter the third decade of this new century (is it new still.. or old yet?) we are faced with world-wide challenges to the health of our planet and to all of us individually. Clearly, we have chosen to focus on what is false rather than eternal truth, and thus we have the world we live in right now. So let us change our minds by embracing truth and awakening it within our lives as individuals, and as one family on this world.


The inner knowing of your divine self is the essence that restores all that is light, love and goodness. It is not a new concept for it was this knowing that my Native American Indian teachers emphasized and focused on in their healing work.

You may be familiar with “rain dances” or “sun dances” – these were the European names for ceremonies that traditional people performed, but they are a very bad description. What these ceremonies do is recalibrate the minds that had focused on lack (or invested in the shonky bank) and heal it back to eternal truth. They were “prayer” gatherings where rain, sunshine, good crops etc were blessed and given thanks for EVEN IF THEY WERE NOT CURRENTLY MANIFESTED. They were not currently manifested because of forgetful (sick) thinking practices…. This is THE huge difference. My teachers explained that if they “prayed for” rain or whatever, the mind was focused on what was lacking and sadness, and thus more lack was manifested.

Instead the traditional people would go to a sacred place (often a medicine wheel, or a river), and Pray thanks for the rain. As they did, they would EMPLOY the mind to focus and visualize, using all their senses. They would smell the rain. They would dance in the rain “feeling” the mud lap around their ankles and tumbling into their land. They would “see” the rolling clouds heavy with rain, they would visualize hearing the first thunder claps, and those first heavy drops of rain hitting the dusty soil. They would then would “see” the first green sprouts shooting from the ground as their crops began to prosper. In other words -- THEY USED THEIR POWER! for what it was meant to be used for.. -- .abundance, joy and love!

This power is used every day. Therefore, if your land is in drought, you are in drought.

Traditional people took responsibility for all, not just some, of their experiences and lack of peace.

As we embrace the Solstice (winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern) let us join as one Spiritual Being, begotten of the Holy Spirit and offspring of an eternal love. Let us all go to a place of beauty and pray peace for everyone (including the naughty ones!) Let love be your guide, and thankfulness be your expression. For the world is your reflection, as it is mine. This world asks you to forget who and what you are in every moment. Choose to remember. Choose to love. Choose to be as you were created and we will see a shimmering miracle rippled through our world. It begins with you.

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I offer occasional presentations/workshops based on the wisdom of A Course in Miracles, and my life journey (of course!) I also have a special facebook page dedicated to this... so if this calls you.. following your calling