redLotus 01Our world is constantly changing with new and old challenges arising daily. Currently we are all focused on a mysterious virus, declared a "pandemic", but earlier this year it was bushfires and global warming. Later this year there will be the promised economic crash, G5 and yet another crisis. Then there is the HongKong riots, the American riots, coupled with wet markets and the U.S. elections - Crisis is the nature of this world; and its only certainty. Yet at some stage we all have to ask, or even demand : "There must be a better way!"

There is an answer; you have heard it many times; but you have to want to hear it by activating a new choice in your life.

A new choice begins the minute we want one; but we will not see it by using the "conditioned" minds that created the problems in the first place. You are probably familiar with the old story of the three blind men and the elephant. Each blind man declared that the bit of the elephant they could feel was a summation of whole animal. One felt the trunk and declared it to be snake-like. The other felt the leg, and declared it to be like a column etc, We are limited or conditioned in this world to actually “not” see. We chose this. It was not a punishment, or a snafu.. but a choice... .

We wanted to dive into the third dimension and experience lack; so we had to put on the whole diving suit, and that included the bit where you shifted your true mind backwards, and replaced it (temporarily!) with a dweeb brain. We are, in fact multi-dimensional beings who have had many experiences on many different worlds, dimensions and locales -- too many to numerate. We were created as one giant, multi-faceted Being. We are StarSeeds who are awakening now, and muttering "what was I on!?" under our collective breathe. We did this because we wanted to, and not we are stupid or that some bad-tempered God, with whiskers, is miffed with us.

This inner knowing or vision of eternal truth is shared by the shamans of all cultures, but particularly Native American Indian people. It is a wisdom that is old as time itself. Somewhere in your heart you know this. But you will never see or experience this truth, until you are ready to do so. Only when you are ready to see, when you question reality and release any attachment or desire to correct, heal or alter what you currently see, are you ready. Only when you want the one and only answer, will you be ready.

It is so easy to sit around with friends bemoaning life, or pointing out that the politicians are behaving badly, or that this or that group is doing this or that. I am sure you have seen the many facebook "fears" of the week which insist we should be very afraid. Fear is the problem, of course, but you already knew that. However, you may not be fully aware of how much you have bought into fear but call it something else, like "the sensible option" or "experts says so." No matter how you dress it up, anything that does not come from the divine creator, and causes you even a little bit of stress IS FEAR! And make no mistake, the answer, of course is the same answer it has always been - love! (yeah baby!)

Because we are amazing, utterly wonderful light-beings we discover (sooner or later) that what we focus on in our lives expands and grows. Every thought you have, every comment made to your friends automatically waters/nurtures a plant within you. As you focus on “ain’t it bad” that grows. As you focus on gratitude, appreciation and love, so that grows within. It is not at all complicated -- and again I know you know this... but have you noticed that you don't do it!?

Your every word, every comment, is a prayer! It is an inner power that you use, or perhaps abuse every day; you cannot abstain or freeze your energy, but you can “forget” that you have it, and so “blame” others for your experiences.

The amount of inner peace/tranquility and oneness that you enjoy daily, reflects where you have invested your spirit. An analogy I often think about is the old parable used by our Brother Jesus in the New Testament. He told us that every day we are given a bag of gold coins from spirit (God) and we invest, waste or squander this gift. The gift is divine energy and your duty is to invest it. You don’t need me or anyone to tell you when you have chosen poorly when you judge someone, laugh at someone, ridice and dengrate them. You know you have, at that moment, deposited your gold coin into “shonky-are-us” bank. But if you invest your gold coin spiritual energy into appreciation, love, kindness and gratitude, you have invested your gold coin in the Divine Super-Duper-Interest -are-us-Bank Account.

Every day you receive “interest” from your bank; and that is the spiritual energy you feel washing through your life, by being at the right place at the right time, getting a smile from a toothless baby, picking up a bargain at the shops, and so much more.

It’s easy. You have already done this! But now look at the times when you do not do this; and recognize you are investing in that shonky bank again – and change your focus.


This world will change not because of the Peace-corps, a march on Parliament House or because we elect a different president, or the same president. This world will literally waken as StarSeeds pull their fingers out, and be awakened-already in every moment in their daily, perhaps very ordinary lives.

The Course in Miracles promises us that as we live and awaken this truth the world becomes “sanctified” because of “your very presence” and that, dear friends, is the miracle – not from outside of ourselves, but from shared love and true healed focus. As our brother Mahatma Gandhi said – “Be the change you want to see in this world.” The truth remains true, no matter how we slice, dice and mince it. This is what I call living your life in prayer. Not conventional “hail Mary” type stuff, but seeing every interaction from big to little as a prayer and an opportunity to be the StarSeed you were sent here to be.


“There is a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you.

All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet.

The scent of flowers is their gift to you. The waves bow down before you, and the trees extend their arms to shield you from the head, and lay their leaves before you on the ground that you may walk in softness, while the wind sinks to a whisper round your holy head.”


StarSeed.sapphire 01My book, StarSeed, The Holy Family offers the ancient wisdom of the Priestess, through Being of Mary Magdalene, who is part of our collective knowing.

 In this book, channelled from Mary, we reveal the ancient wisdom that she learned in Ancient Egypt and shared with all who came for a Goddess blessing. If you feel called to complete the StarSeed contract you may find this book assists your journey.

I am current working on the next book.. so stay tuned !

This book available for purchase via my site, but also via AMAZON as a Kindle eBook - and thus immediate download -- !.