StarSeed.sapphire 01StarSeeds have visited our world for centuries in order to assist our awakening and healing... This Trilogy focuses on the StarSeeds and their amazing gift for our world....This information was channelled from the StarSeed Mary Magdalene... her portrait is on the cover of the final book.

The StarSeeds made a sacred promise to help heal this world because of interference by other Beings who were exploiting the resources of the planet. This book does not, however, focus on this interference but on the solution and the healing methodology created by StarSeed Beings and offered as gifts. 

Mother Earth and her children have been isolated from clear and open interaction between the Star Worlds in order to allow the Earth-Beings time to heal. As this has unfolded, various members of the StarSeed worlds have chosen to incarnate into Earth bodies in order to gently awaken and heal the Earth seeds. These mystical Beings have visited our world for centuries in order to assist our awakening and healing.... are you a StarSeed?

GoddessCodes1It is so funny that much as we ask for spiritual guidance, we often get in the way of receiving it. Many years ago, driven by inspiration, I traveled to Israel and Egypt -- it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, and certainly one that stays with me today. It was also tumultuous and emotional because I felt very torn and uncertain about my guidance. I had heard a very distinctive voice .. the voice of Mary Magdalene but I felt too unworthy and just too fearful to really acknowledge this... yet I was strong enough to go across the world on this trip.. I was very confused because it was uncovering so much emotional wounding, clearly from many past lifetimes. 

I wandered around Jerusalem and went to all the "sacred" places, but could not find the guidance I was seeking. I became so frustrated that I actually called out to Jesus and Mary, where are you? I suddenly felt myself guided up beyond the city to the quiet orchards of Gethsemane to walk in the ancient olive trees. I felt so lost and yet everything felt so familiar. I found the quiet and gentle place I had been looking for!

Over the next few weeks I was guided by Mary and taken to various locations in and around Jerusalem and also in Gallilee.... The book, Amma Na Tha (which means the Mother Returns in Aramaic) literally awoke within.

workbook 01The Shaman's Door is a series of four books recounting my personal journey living and working with Native American traditional people. It includes the core teachings, such as insights into the Vision Quest and the sacred Medicine Wheel, that everyone can embrace in their lives. The final book is the Sacred Circle Workbook which includes the day-to-day basics of "how to" grow * smudge herbs, * make smudge bundles, * make and wear a Medicine Bag, create a Medicine Wheel, including a diagram, plus a listing of every stone, crystal, herb and colour and their places on the wheel.

I have included my memories of my time with my wonderful teacher, Sun Bear, in his Retreat Centre in Northern Washington State, back in the 1980s. He taught me and many others, this information along with  how to love Mother Earth. I feel blessed to share it with you. Sunbear was an amazing man who had a quirky sense of humour, but a heart as big as the ocean. I am so grateful to have known him and received his gifts of wisdom.

I was born sensitive and what my mother called "overly imaginative." For years I battled this gift, which I saw as a horrible curse rather than a blessing. Like so many young people, I felt different, alone and had no idea why I could hear thoughts, see spirits and colours that others could not.

My parents were often called to the Head Mistresses' office because of my hysterics (as they called it). In despair, my mother sent me north to Scotland and the dubious care of my tiny Scottish Grandmother in the far off Islands of the Hebrides. This mystical and ancient land had a name for me.. I was faye, or gifted by the fairies! Today we have a new word... Empath... And millions of Empaths are currently incarnating into this world.

In the far north of Scotland I felt accepted because my skills were considered a gift from the fairies. My Grandmother explained that I had a gift and that I was to use it to help others. I was and am an Empath, but because I had a wise grandmother I was able to see this gift. Without her I would have probably fallen into drugs, drink and probably worst. This is what happens to thousands of Empaths who are not nurtured and guided!

Are you and Empath? Do you see your "strangeness" as a curse rather than a blessing? Do members of your family think you are strange?