The Sacred Tree is both a symbol and a metaphor of our own lives and certainly of our spiritual growth. The Sacred Tree is a central theme in story and poetry right across the world, because of its fruit. It is said that the Tree of Good and Evil, in the Garden of Eden tempted us all to believe in judgement and differences, yet there were other trees. The Sacred Tree undoes the idea of separation and offers us all the fruit of a new way of thinking and a new way of living in the world. It is this ideal that we dedicate this website to supporting.


The publishing industry has changed enormously over the last few years. Now anyone can publish a book and get their important message about love, healing or spiritual attunment it out to the world. Old and ancient books that were once obscure and had to find, can be reprinted by demand, or even processed into an eBook. Now, more than ever, obscure books from independent writers can be tracked down easily. The world is literally your oyster, and the Sacred Tree is filled with magnificent fruit of every flavour, colour and description. Embrace your own creativity and allow the magic to unfold!


There is an old saying.. "there is nothing new under the sun." And yet it seems that we lose wisdom and find it over and over again. Up until fairly recently ancient wisdom was hidden in obscure texts and often only revealed to initiates after they had achieved a series of tests. In other cases, wisdom was hidden in obscure stories and legends that only the wise could interpret. The ancient Templars, the first troubadours, hid the wisdom of Mary Magdalene in the fairy tales that we know as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Today, not much has changed. We may have a gazzillion ebooks available within seconds, but actual answers, that change our lives and help us embrace true spiritual and physical healing are as difficult to find as ever. In ancient times truth was protected because it could be abused by those still governed by the lower ego-mind, today wisdom is often "patented" and only shared for a profit. In most cases our society is controlled in order to keep us from self empowerment and keep us enmeshed as working slaves known as "consumers" therefore books and information that can set us free are often hard to find.

I created Sacred Tree Publishing to offer an independent service to those with obscure and unusual ideas. I am a "Indy" or independent author/writer because I choose to be. I approached and have been approached by several publishing houses over the years. My first book was publishing in the early 1990s by a well known publishing house who actually paid me a retainer and an advance. However, I soon learned that I was under their control and could only write what they wanted me to write. In all cases the major publishers wanted to change my materials and make them more "commercially" viable. Therefore I choose the solitary path of publishing my own works in the way I felt I needed to offer them.