Lesley imports and creates beautiful hand-crafted bead-work items, medicine bags and drums.  These small personal medicine bag are usually worn around the neck and are used for prayer and remembering. A medicine worker (man or woman) places special crystals, herbs, amulets and beads inside the bag to help empower their prayers and ceremonies.

These special white deer skin bags have been made on the Northern Cree Reservation from the medicine robe (dress) of a great deceased Medicine Woman. They vibrate an enormous energy and are dedicated to healing Mother Earth and all her wayward children (us!)

Each bag is unique and made with traditional materials.

Medicine Tools


Healing is simply a return to oneness... everyone who heals receives healing... we are all one!

Sales price: $ 10.00


These small white deer Medicine Bags are each unique, but made of traditional materials.

Sales price: $ 25.00