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These traditional songs are called medicine songs because they bring healing, harmony and balance to your life. All traditional and contemporary medicine songs connect and expand the heart-chakra, which is why we feel so healed, aligned and filled with light when we listen or participate.

The drum beat Lesley uses is the "four-beat" or "heart-beat" which connects energetically with the four chambers of the heart, bring your physical heart in alignment with your spiritual chakra. Ideally you will sing along with these songs, expanding your heart and your soul as you do so!

Lesley also offers meditation and spoken word/seminar recordings as MP3 downloads.



SkyLoom is a powerful recording of Native American Indian traditional chants coupled with contemporary songs written by Lesley. The recording offers songs and chants that can be used in gatherings and sacred circles.

Sales price: $ 28.00


Songs of the Goddess incorporates traditional Native American Indian chants with Celtic Goddess songs into a beautiful, earth-blending of one-ness.

Sales price: $ 28.00


Soul Journey is an intense shamanic journey recording that can be used as a deep meditation practice. It is suitable for the novice through to the more experienced shamanic healer.

Sales price: $ 28.00