Lesley offers a variety of readings that will help you gain spiritual insights into your life-journey and the challenges you face.

Spirit Guide & Angel Art: Lesley is a clairvoyant and spiritual artist who can draw, in professional pastel, your spirit guides, angels totems and more. She offers personal/private sessions as well as postal readings. 

Astrology Readings: include your natal astrology-chart with an in-depth spiritual analysis.

Clairvoyant/Intuitive Readings: Lesley offers "in person" private readings as well as written clairvoyant readings. Every private session includes an aura analysis, plus a diagram of your aura along with special messages on any issues she sees within the aura. Lesley also clairvoyantly connects to your spirit guides and may use a variety of card-sets, including her own special Oracle Cards to ask for answers and guidance on your behalf. All readings include channeled messages and information from your guides and angels.

Costs and various reading combinations:

  1. A full colour pastel drawing of your Angel(s) plus a one-page written clairvoyant reading for $90
  2. A full colour pastel drawing of your Spirit guides and Totem Animal Spirits/Chakra energies plus a one-page written clairvoyant reading for $110 
  3. A full colour pastel drawing of your guide/angel plus a 4 to 10-page written Clairvoyant Reading for $150
  4. A full colour pastel drawing of your guide/angel with a four to six page Astrological analysis with a special Clairvoyant Reading including an astrological wheel for $230. 
  5. Astrological Readings. Lesley calculates your chart and offers you insights into your life purpose, your karmic pathway, past lifetimes, and the energies that work with you in this lifetime. $180 for a 16 page personal analysis
  6. Clairvoyant Written Reading: A four to ten page written reading answering your questions or asking for insights, background information from your guide/angel(s). Perfect for those who have already had an art-drawing by Lesley. She can reconnect to the same guide and ask additional questions and ask for advice or further details. In addition, Lesley can connect to her Higher Guide, Mary Magdalene to offer you deep spiritual questions about your soul-family, life purpose, and karmic pathway along with the various challenges. Please email her with your questions after you have booked your reading. $150.
  7. Clairvoyant / Psychic / Tarot Reading: Spend an hour with Lesley in a private session as she uses a variety of Tarot and Divination cards to give you insights into your life via her Clairvoyant and Psychic abilities. Lesley also channels messages from your guides and angels to offer you insights into your life. Lesley is also a medium, and messages from loved ones are often received.  Every reading includes an aura analysis which comes with a diagram (in full colour) of your aura/chakra energies along with any messages/insights Lesley receives from your guardian angels and spirit guides. Bookings essential: $110
  8. Short Festival Session. These quick readings with art are only on offer at expos/Festivals. They are quick insight drawings with or without a reading. Please check Lesley's Itinerary page for more details.

** Australian Postage is included in cost **


** We are happy to mail readings overseas! **

An additional $A25.00 is required to cover costs.

We can arrange a PayPal Invoice/Internet transaction. **





Receive your very own Angel drawing/portrait with a short written reading. Your personal Guardian Angel is with you from the beginning to the end of your life. He or She guides you with wisdom but also inspires you with hope and love. Discover your special angelic guide and receive special messages and inspiration that will bring light, beauty and joy into your life.

Sales price: $ 90.00


The Animal Spirit Keepers, also known as Totems are vital to your spiritual growth. It is through their alignment and loving, instinctive guidance that we strengthen our own intuition, instincts and feelings. Lesley includes one or two totems in the general reading, but this drawing focuses exclusively on the totem's gifts for you and how they work with you.

Sales price: $ 110.00


Everyone needs a little extra guidance from spirit to help us understand our lives, challenges and our spiritual destiny. Lesley offers clairvoyant, in person and/or written, readings to help you gain deeper insights into your current situation. Every reading is a unique blend of her clairvoyant abilities, along with channeled messages/guidance from your Spirit Guides and the angels who reveal a spiritual overview of your life journey, your karma (positive and negative) and the past-lifetimes that are currently impacting your current life journey.

Sales price: $ 150.00


Everyone has many Spirit Guides and Angels at their side. There are several options to choose from, including portraits of Guides, Angels and totems along with special messages. Or you can order a family picture of each angel of each family member, which comes with a message from each angel. Please read the many options available.......

Sales price: $ 150.00


See your Spirit Guide and Your Totem Animal Spirits in full colour gazing back at you from your very own personal portrait. This reading includes a colour drawing of your aura colours, animal/totem spirits, chakra energies along with the face of your spirit guide. You also receive a clairvoyant written reading.

Sales price: $ 110.00


Have you ever wondered why you were drawn to the partner you have? Do you wonder if you have known each other before, or if you were meant to release a karmic contract? A Soul-Mate Reading can help answer these questions.

Sales price: $ 150.00


Perhaps you have a loved one who has crossed over to the other side. They have gone beyond the veil and you will meet again... one day. Lesley is able to, with their permission, contact the loved-one and see and draw them in their current form. She will also bring through messages from them.

Sales price: $ 150.00