The image and the many legends of Mary Magdalene have always been shrouded in mystery. Who was this woman who had the audacity to anoint Jesus? Was she a prostitute? Was she the final sacred Goddess-Priestess that so many wanted to destroy. Her story still intrigues today. Many want to own her, others want to distort her legend and write her into a script that supports their perception of spiritual womanhood.. and yet there is so much more to her than that because in the end Mary's story is profoundly, a love story....
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Mary's Story

Mary Magdalene, her history and story is contentious! She played a vital role in the gospels and yet her image and story has been revised by every generation. Over the years Mary has morphed from being cast as a prostitute who lived out her later years, naked in an icy cave in France to the current popular story that she was the founder of a royal bloodline. Perhaps more commonly these days, Mary has become a new age "channeled" spirit guide and many claim to be her incarnation, and even others who claim she was an angel incarnate. Theories abound, but perhaps the question we really need to ask ourselves is why is the world so afraid of a spiritually powerful, loving woman that they have to constantly revise her story and try to own her?

Many years ago, I was overshadowed by a spiritual presence that announced she was Mary Magdalene. This was so utterly profound that I became frozen with fear. I moved house, changed job and tried to distract myself but the voice persisted and I resisted. Then a strange opportunity arose and suddenly I found myself on a long and amazing spiritual journey to Greece, Jerusalem and Egypt. Standing on the top of the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem in the valley and Bethany in the far distance, she came to me again. This time I did not resist, I could not resist.

Over the next few days and weeks, the spirit of Mary Magdalene guided me through the bustling streets of Jerusalem, to a ruined mansion in Bethany, the lost tomb garden, the well of Silhoam and the ruined walls of Jericho. Her words just flowed, with ease and with speed, and this book, Amma Na Tha, (Aramaic for “The Mother Returns”) are her words given to all who wish to hear.

I believe that our fascination with Mary is because she was the most recent in a long line of incarnated mother-Goddess beings that began at the very creation of this world. Such beings include Isis which is where we get such words as Gen-Isis or the origin of life. The Goddess energy is an expression of the Christed or resurrected pureness within every person. Anyone can embody and emanate this energy. This vital fact, and the pure simplicity of expressing Christed Consciousness is the true gift of Mary.

Mary's story is your story, as well as mine. This is a heart-felt love story between two twin-flames who found each other. They were tempted to live together far away from the challenges of this world, but they heard a higher calling, one that changed everything for them and for the world. Together in loving unity, they expressed their divine mission. They melded their joint will into a powerful oneness which birthed a Christed or sanctified pathway gifted to us all. Their gift is a bright lantern that illuminates the way home beyond the darkness of nightmares. As we are guided by the soft, loving light of Christed Consciousness, we heal ourselves of the painful dream that we have separated from our true essence. As each of us heals and embraces the eternal truth that we are love, we collectively heal the world of the same nightmare. This is true illumination. This brightness reveals very clearly that we are all one, and have always been so.

The divine flame of love within Maryam of Magdalene and within Jesus Sananda is within us all. Gently and lovingly rekindle it within and allow the love in you to shine out from our hearts into the world. 

My journey into this energy was profound. I learned rapidly that there really is only one of us, a concept I “knew” in my head but had never experienced before. I consciously stepped into a blended one-ness and found my spirit witnessing the unfolding story of these two twin-flames. I went back in time, back two thousand years ago, to ancient Jerusalem. I found myself seeing, feeling and crying my way through this amazing true story as she spoke to me and as I watched it all unfold before me. 

This book offers you the lost legacy of balanced eternal love. This is not romantic love, but spiritual love, and that is what we really ache for. I believe that Mary's love-flame burns gently within every woman who has cried and felt her power belittled and stifled. Her flame glows sweetly in every man who aches to touch the divine feminine and step into wholeness. She is the voice lost in the wilderness for the last two thousand years and now it is time to awaken her within, for that is her true home. 

As you read her words, I believe you will again find her flame in your heart awakening your inner Goddess allowing her live in you again! 

Mary's story is a must for every woman who has asked, and for every man who longs for her healing touch. She is the voice of the sacred feminine, the other face the Christ consciousness that yearns to be embraced. Walk with Mary, follow her footsteps and you will remember too. 

I have included a link to some short video presentations filmed in Sydney at a conference several years ago. Please follow the links below. 


Video 1: The Teachings of Mary. In this short interview, This is a televised interview with Robyn Walker who has a regular spiritual television show. The interview was conducted at the Sydney Mind-Body-Spirit Festival in Darling Harbour.


Video 2:  Sacred Sexuality: In this workshop presentation, Lesley discusses the power of ancient priestesses and their role in empowering all people to awaken their inner powers.


 Video 3 :'Mary & Jesus were twin flames: This workshop was recorded at Sydney Darling Harbour Spiritual Festival. In this workshop, Lesley discusses the true relationship of Mary and Jesus and their joint ministry to seed and embody the Christ Conscious Energy in this world.


 Video 4 : Mary Magdalene: Initiated Priestess: Lesley offers a workshop on the truth about Mary Magdalene and her role as an initiated priestess.


 We also have a dedicated FACEBOOK page where you can discover further information, photos and discussions about Amma Na tha and the follow-up book, The Goddess Codes. Please follow the link below!




The process of being guided by Mary Magdalene to Jerusalem.. turned into an amazing journey which continued once the book had been written and published. I discovered that as people read Amma they were changed by that process. Very soon, I found myself having a melt down over the experience. Within weeks I was guided to the south of France to follow once again in Mary's footsteps.

What she revealed to me was that as a woman awakens, all the Goddesses of antiquity join with her in that quest and lovingly empower her with their energy. She begins to live their stories in her life and as she blends her unique energy with theirs, she embraces her own divine nature. This is Goddess Illumination and it shines brightly from the heart of the awaken woman.

 I believe is the journey of every woman who awakens her spirit into Christ Consciousness

The Goddess Codes is a very personal account of my story interwoven with the stories of all the Goddesses.  There have been times when I begged and prayed for this Goddess power to be taken from me.. but now.. many years later I can see what a gift it was.

I have written my story, my journey with Mary Magdalene as my guiding spirit in this book. It follows on from Amma and is a vital support for any woman seeking higher wisdom in her own life. I also this story will assist any woman who is struggling to integrate her own Goddess powers and may be struggling to do so. 

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*** Please read this short section from the first Chapter:

AMMA 'NA'THA -- The Mother Returns

 Oh God, don't let her see me weep!"

 I stroke her dark hair and pull her close to my heart. Trembles shake her tiny body and I feel her tears, wet on my skin. I look across to the far horizon and see sun and the earth roll together in a final embrace. Is this the last time I will see the motherland of my heart? Above, clouds float across a perfect sky. Do they bid us farewell? My throat aches and I swallow my tears. Yet here, weeping in my arms, is a miracle. Look at her! She is so beautiful! Her dark curls, her long eyelashes and soft brown skin, so much like his. She is my precious gift created in wonder and in love.

 Her eyes flutter as she cowers at my breast. She is sucking her thumb again, but I cannot chastise her. We all need comfort and we seek it in familiar form. I hug her closer, rocking her gently and whispering words of comfort. We both gasp as the ship shudders and shakes as huge waves smash against the bow. I look up and see the sails open wide to grasp the wind. The great vessel creaks mournfully as the crew adjusts our course, turning us west towards a new horizon.

 I close my eyes, squeezing back the tears. Once, I was a child like her, embraced in the arms of love and nurtured in my beloved motherland. I breathe and I am there again. At my feet, dressed in rich garlands of green, are the shimmering goddesses of my Israel. Can you see them? Walking across the green plains I see Rebecca carrying the water jar to the well. Turning to smile with wisdom is Ruth, beloved of Boaz, and matriarch of the sacred lineage. Like the fruit laden vines of my valley, she is big with child. Here too is the prophetess Deborah, standing in noble majesty singing the hymn of my soul. Endless fields of shimmering blue wrap beloved Queen Esther in robes of flax flowers and lilies, and she is dancing.

 Walk with me along the banks of the Sea of Galilee. Listen! Hear her waves brush the shore like the strumming of a lute. She is a jewel! She is as bright as the Queen of Sheba, and she sparkles in the heart of the plain of Gennesaret. In the distance, Mount Arbel stretches to the sky and the little Valley of the Doves sleeps softly at her feet. Here is my valley, here is my home, and I remember.

 Our house had a little watchtower so that we could overlook the long vineyards that stretched up into the hills. It was built for my mother as a wedding gift to remind her of a green land so far away. Although, according to our law, women cannot inherit when they have brothers, father always called this place mine, for he honoured my mother's traditions. She was Bridget of the Great Isles. She was one of many strong women who loved the Great Goddess. My father is Yusef, a merchant, but most importantly The Ha-rama-theo, a man of God and an elder of the Sanhedrin.

 My dearest father was married three times, but his last wife, the wife of his heart, shared my name. Mariam became my new and beloved mother as well as the mother of my heart. How well I remember the day she came to my house as my father’s bride.

 “And where is my new brother?” I asked my father, as he stood before me with his Mariam. He smiled and looked warmly at the dark-haired woman, his eyes twinkling with love. It gave me time to study her. She had wide brown eyes and was simply, and yet regally, dressed in a long white gown. Surely this would change now she was a wealthy man’s bride, I thought to myself. She had the telltale signs of the desert ones. Her dark hair slipped out from beneath her veil, and I could see the tan of her skin, dried by strong desert winds. This was indeed a woman of mystery and great wisdom. Father had told me she had spent her youth with my Grandfather and then later with Essenes, an austere community hidden deep inside the unforgiving dry lands and mountains. Her whole family were members, for my new mother was a descendent of David, and therefore, of royal lineage.

 Mariam's story was one of intrigue, murder and betrayal. She was born in Capernaum, the daughter of a priest. However, King Herod, in a fit of perversity, murdered the great priest and exiled his family. Mariam was swiftly whisked away by my grandfather who was a close friend of her family. They fled first to Egypt and then later to the desert community of Qumran. As a young mother with a small child she had spent much of her youth studying, meditating and purifying herself there. Yet she had left the dry wilderness and was now here, in my home, and in love with my father. I wondered what could have persuaded her to leave.

 She looked up and smiled at me warmly. It was as if she could see into my soul, and read my thoughts. I was just twelve years of age and as yet untutored in the ancient ways, even so, I could sense her wisdom. She turned her head and looked down for a moment, seemingly communicating with the unseen. She nodded to herself. Was I what she expected? Or was there something else.

 “Yeshua is with the wise-ones,” she looked directly into my eyes, smiling. “You will meet when the time is right.” Her dark eyes looked deep into mine and I felt my soul move in my heart.

 Her gaze was now again with my father as she held his large brown hand and walked out onto the courtyard. What a strange and mysterious woman, I thought, observing her. No doubt her son is just like her. But she puzzled me. Why, would a woman from such an extreme spiritual background, choose my father to wed? We were a wealthy family. Father had many ships