This book offers the key concepts of living in the new Aquarian Age. This new age has already dawned and it has its challenges. The Universal Energies have changed and evolved, therefore we must align ourselves with a whole new approach to our lives and to our world. This book reveals how we can empower our lives to work in concert with the prevailing energies of the Aquarian universe and how our world will continue to change over the next twenty years. If we learn to think in concert with the Aquarian mind-set we will have a magically wonderful life, for this has been promised us all!
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Living Luminosity offers the once secret teachings of the ancient Mystery Schools of Europe and Asia. In her life journey, Lesley traveled to the hidden temples to study these ancient manuscripts and to sit with the masters. She has compiled their wisdom into this amazing book... THIS IS a book that will change your life!

We all enter this world and forget our true and eternal origins. Our personal life journey is to uncover reality while living in a world of false information. This revealing process is the essence of the spiritual journey. We are all meant to blossom, grow and prosper and because a gift to the world and the universe. When we do not, something has gone wrong.

You have chosen to incarnate in a time of great change. We are shifting from the old Piscean Age to the new Aquarian Age as well as moving from one century to another. On top of all of that, the stars and planets are revealing a time of huge change and the evolution of the human race. This is an exciting time for those who are awake, but it is frightening and overwhelming for those who remain asleep in Piscean dreams. In this book Lesley reveals the key concepts that will purify your soul and allow you to blossom into the spirit being you are meant to be. She reveals the hidden secrets of the ancient Mystery Schools and the wisdom of the Dragon. She opens the Mystery book of the ancient Essenes to reveal the seven-fold Mirror of Wisdom. These tools and the others she offers in this book will assist your journey from fear, constriction and limitation to pure spiritual luminosity. When all your fears and shadows are brought into the light, you shine with a new luminosity and as others around the world do the same, a new world will unfold magically before us all.

What prevents us reaching this enlightened state is not the lack of meditation or certain rituals, it is the way we think (or usually, the way we don't think!) Enlightenment is a state of being that embraces us in an energy of quiet inner gentleness with the self and with others. You cannot live that when your shadow-self controls your mind, or you blame others for your feelings and unhappiness. When you dedicate your life to walking the enlightened journey, or walking your Sadhana, your life begins to make sense. You start to filter all events through the perspective of "how is this helping me grow" rather than "how dare she or he ... blah...blah...." This doesn't mean you will become a doormat!. It simply means that you will re-frame every event, thought and experience through the lens of the spirit and suddenly the sting goes!

We all have our enlightened moments... and our unenlightened, fallen-into-a-bog moments.... don't feel bad about that. Just identify the "bog-du-jour" heal it, smile at it, and walk on. As you embrace this lesson, you have stepped up to the next level, even if only by a little tiny bit! There is light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel and in this book, Lesley also reveals the final 2020 prophecies that offers us all hope.

This book will give you all the tools you need to navigate your way into the new world, that is now dawning for us all. It also supports and compliments the information in THE EMPATH for those who are born Empaths and may feel overwhelmed by the current dying Piscean energies.

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