SHAMANS DOOR - 1 - The Wolf Trail

This is Lesley's personal story of how she began to walk the Medicine Path, or the "Good Red Road" of spirit, many years ago. She was a young journalist who found herself in the wilds of Northern Alberta in Canada on an assignment. She met a Medicine Man who took her under his wing, and then, when she was ready, she was sent to the far north and to a wise Medicine Woman teacher and a mysterious Medicine Wheel in a snowy valley. This was the Wolf Trail, the pathway of awakening.....
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Do you walk with wolves? The wise ones say that when you begin to walk the shaman's pathway, a wolf stalks you. He calls you to walk with the star-wolves of the "Milky Way" that traditional people call the Wolf Trail.
In this book, Lesley shares her experience as she began her walk of the wolf trail. Initially she tried to run away and become "normal" yet the wolf kept calling her back to the reservation, and her wonderful teachers. If the wolf stalks you it is because he is gently guiding you towards the spirit road of oneness.
This is the first of a trilogy on the pathway of the shaman. If you are called to be a shaman it is not just a case of learning how to drum, or light smudge materials, or even participate in ceremonies such as the sweat lodge -- it means you are being asked to join the wolf pack, or the teachers of the ancient ways. You may be familiar with the story of the two wolves who walk either side of the shaman, but the deeper story states that wolves of every colour and type are teachers. The black and the white wolves are guiding teachers who have to be kept in balance and learned from. There is no need to choose between them, because they both bring gifts of wisdom. Your role as their student is to integrate them into oneness. In other words, just like the Buddha declared that the road to enlightenment is the middle path of balance, so do Native Indian teachings. When we are ready for this balanced power, we will meet the Timber Wolf.
In this book, Lesley recounts how she met her first wolf teacher, Kimiwan, and how she guided her to re-connect with all her relations, and offer herself as a teacher. Only then was she ready to take the pathway up the mountain to her first Vision Quest, followed by the traditional sweat lodge. When she entered the sweat lodge, she finally meets her Timber Wolf Teacher, and he changes her life, because he opened her heart to herself and to the world.
She writes: "Many years ago, I found a new trail, and followed the footsteps of many wolves. This includes the black, white and timber wolves. In all cases, every wolf teacher gave me many gifts of wisdom and truth. This book is dedicated to the Timber Wolf teachers. Be alert for them, because they blend into the trees and cannot be easily seen; but remember they are everywhere."
If you feel called to walk the Shaman's path, you will find this book insightful, and filled with wisdom that will help you walk in beauty and in balance:
This is the first book in the Shaman's Door series, and is founded on the ancient wisdom of the Dawn Star Lodge, an inter-tribal teaching lodge that includes all peoples. Lesley offers regular gatherings to share these ancient and very traditional ways. Please email her for further details.

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