Earth Medicine, and sacred ceremony is the core teaching of the Native American shaman’s path. Everyone can connect and attune to Mother Earth via these beautiful Earth Mother ceremonies. This book focuses on the pathway of Ceremony, and includes a full listing and explanation of the Medicine Wheel, the crystals, colours, herbs, and the journey of the daily shaman. There are many diagrams, plus full instructions on how to make smudge materials, dry herbs and prepare them for ceremony. A "must have" for any Earth shaman.
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There are many "creation" stories in the Native American traditions, but perhaps the most well known are the stories of how the animals, birds, and even Mother Earth herself become the teachers of the "two-legged" ones. Many of these stories describe how humans have lost their natural divine nature, and can only find it via their special teachers... the animals. The animals, plants, crystals, birds and fish are our teachers who come to remind us not to live in isolation from the power of nature. This is why so many of us feel lost and uncertain about our future or the steps we should take in our lives. However, once we align with the power of nature, the ever moving season, the special crystals, herbs and colours, we begin to receive clear and powerful guidance in our lives.
This book is a workbook, and is a combination of two books: Spiral Dance and Sacred Sisters. The first book contains information on the herbs used for smudging, how to grow them, and the spiritual meanings. This book is dedicated to Lesley's Teachers, including Sun Bear, a teacher from the North West. Sun Bear gifted Lesley with much of the information you find here. The second book, Spiral Dance focuses on the sacred teachings Lesley received from a series of amazing Medicine Women in northern Canada, and how she was guided to seek out the Vision Quest. These are the teachings of the Dawn Star Lodge, a collective of inter-tribal teachings that are offered as a new light and a new direction for the world.
This book includes the full details of each position of the wheel, the totem animal spirits, the crystals and the colours. There are diagrams of the wheel, with a list of each stone, its position, and its teachings. Most importantly this book outline the instructions on how to make your own wheel and receive your own guidance.
This book is a must for any would-be shaman and it balances the profound wisdom found in her other books. It is the fourth book in the Shaman's door series and offers practical wisdom on creating your own inner place of peace....
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