The Goddess Codes are a pattern, energetic resonnation, or more accurately an inner "song" that awakens divine transformation. Only when we enter the inner sacred space of the heart will the gifts of the Goddess be revealed and awakened. Her pathway is one of pure love for the self and for all creation, but in order to truly embrace this, we are taken on our own special journey of awakening... this is Lesley's journey to the south of France and beyond.
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The Goddess Codes are divine codes sealed within the heart and soul of every person; however without awakening them within, they appear to asleep and unavailable to us. This is the key teaching from The Templars, who propagated the famous story of Sleeping Beauty, or Briar Rose. We are all asleep inside a castle, surrounded by brambles, until the divine code awakens within. And of course it does with a kiss.. with love. Without awakening the divine feminine, no person can embrace Christed Consciousness, because it is the feminine within, both men and women, that can birth newness. All traditions in every part of the world teach the same thing, yet we live in a world where masculine imbalance and patriarchal viewpoints control everything. The key is to enter the place of the heart, for that essence awakens the Goddess and invites divine transformation. This shift is the illuminated pathway, which is lit by the sacred heart-lantern of the awakened feminine.

Love is expansive and transforms all pain and suffering. Eternal and pure, love is the only gift we bring into this world and all we can take with us when we leave.

This book follows on from Amma Na Tha, a book that Lesley channeled from Mary Magdalene. She completed the book and thought her task was done, but she did nto realize that the process of writing the book and sharing it with others would have a profound effect on her, and her life. the book itself, and the very powerful story, has a transformative affect on all who read it. 

Reading and working with the book created a “dark night of the soul” experience that turned Lesley’s life upside down, along with many others around her. Some who came to listen to Lesley’s talks and the messages from Mary found it so confronting that they became fearful. 

Once again Lesley went in search of Mary’s wisdom and this time she was guided to walk the Goddess pathway in southern France and to also return to Israel where she was guided to the sacred places of both Mary and Jesus.

As you read this book you will uncover your own Goddess pathway and begin to walk into illumination. You will discover your own Goddess pathway in your life and as the secret and hidden codes awaken within your heart, your life will transform into glorious beauty. This is when you find your highest and most divine purpose; to be a light in the world so you can out-shine the fear that has held you, and others, captive for centuries.