The Sacred Journey Oracle Card Deck is a profound spiritual tool that will help you receive clear, intuitive guidance and understand ALL the messages from your angels, spirit guides and totem animal spirits. It can be used as a daily inspiration by taking one card a day, through to working with a traditional card spread, such as the Celtic Cross. This deck comes in a beautiful box and has a detailed booklet included -- you will find it an invaluable aid to your life journey.
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The Sacred Journey Oracle Card set has been created by Lesley to offer you one of the most profound spiritual tools to awaken, enhance and strengthen your natural clairvoyant and intuitive abilities! Most importantly, these cards allow you to give yourself a daily reading!cards_promo_2

All the images in this deck were all hand drawn by Lesley with inspiration from the Angels and the Masters. Lesley was also guided to create the card-images herself using Photo-Shop, and then to also write the accompanying book with all its descriptions and interpretations, again all with inspiration from the angels.  

This delightful Oracle Set is truly a unique boxed-set that you will find a powerful tool in your own spiritual growth. It is a powerful boxed set created by pure inspiration to help you give yourself an accurate spiritual reading. It is unique, for you will find no other card set completely guided by the same artist/author and graphic art designer. Each stage was gently, and lovingly guided by spirit.

This deck can be used daily or at any time for a particular issue or problem.


This full colour deck consists of 36 images, divided into three sections.

The Animal Spirits (Earth Energy) help us develop our intuition and instincts and have a green border. Animal or Totem spirits help us align with our messages/guidance from Mother Earth. They work with our instincts and feelings.

  Angelic Spirits (Angelic/air Energy) help us receive messages and awaken our clairvoyant abilities. These images have a pink-purple border. Angels inspire us to go deeper and embrace our intuition.

 The Masters: (Transcendent/Etheric Energy) Masters help us learn and from our major life lessons. They are ascended masters who have overcome their own trials and now help us embrace our own pathway of learning.


Every day, and every minute of the day, everone is offered guidance from spirit. Our job is to open to receive this guidance and act upon it, rather than look into the world or to other people for direction. There are many realms in spirit, but three realms bring the most profound guidance, every day:

Earth Energy (practicalities or groundedness), Angelic (air) Inspirational and intuitive energies, and Mastery Energy (Transcendent, or higher guidance) align with us every day. These cards help you recognise the tell-tale signs and offer insights on gaining deeper wisdom and full alliance with the many realms of spirit.

If you draw an Animal Spirit card, with the green border, the individual card has a special message for you, but generally your day requires you to use all your grounded, practical, earthy, natural instincts and feelings. An Angel card has a distinctive purple/pink border and one of these cards will arrive on a day when you need to work more closely with your intuition, be open to receive other messages, as well as becoming more aware of synchronicity, special signs and soul signatures, which you will find in the heavenly bodies, such as the Sun and the Moon. It will invariably be a day filled with special "coincidences" special number sequences (such as 11:11), and strange manifestations or signs, such as seeing little feathers as you walk down the street. The Masters, with the beautiful golden border will enter our lives when we have a major lesson or test to guide us to master our essential spiritual lessons or transcendent wisdom and help us overcome and heal spiritual weaknesses or karmic wounds. When we draw a "master" card we will have a powerful day filled with many opportunities to grow, learn our lessons and deal with our issues. The master who comes to us helps us and guides us towards inner growth.

catThe cards can also be used to gain insights into problems or challenges in our lives, especially when we see certain patterns arise, time and time again. If, for example, you have a tendency to over-eat when stressed, draw a card to explore why you choose eating rather than a healthier practice, such as going for a walk. You will gain insights and have a tool to help you embrace healing when you draw a card or even a series of cards on your issue. If you draw a Master Card, you will know you are dealing with an old, probably karmic issue. If, however, you draw an Angel card on this kind of issue, you are being asked to look at your astrological propensities, or even a movement of a challenging planet, such as Saturn in your chart. If you choose an Animal Card, you are being asked to go into a practical, earthy approach to your issue, such as consulting a dietician. You are also asked to return to nature and ask for Earthly Healing, which can include western medicine, and a visit to your GP! All guidance comes to you as you need it...and when you need it!

The card set is presented in a sturdy and colourful box and comes with a detailed booklet that outlines the many various card spreads as well as the meanings of each individual card. You may wish to simply choose one card a day to offer you insights into the day's energy and challenges. However you may wish to delve deeper and use the various card spreads that Lesley explains to explore deeper insights into your life-journey. Lesley gently guides you into exploring many spreads, including the famous Celtic Cross.

krishnaEach card is explained in detail and its wisdom is easy to embrace. Lesley suggests you bless and awaken the card set in a ritual of spiritual alignment. This ritual is explained in full detail inside the booklet. Most importantly, Lesley's spiritual artistry is combined with her deep wisdom and the insights she has gleaned as a clairvoyant reader for over thirty years.

Make your life sacred, powerful and significant as you call upon the spirits of all realms to join you. Lesley gives instructions on how to bless and awaken your cards so that their wisdom can guide your life into magnificence. 

This set is suitable for a beginner through to an advanced soul who wishes to move into the higher spiritual realms. Order your set today!

Australian buyers can order a set directly through this site or at a good spiritual store near you. We also have distributors in the United States of America and in Canada.

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