Soul Journey is an intense shamanic journey recording that can be used as a deep meditation practice. It is suitable for the novice through to the more experienced shamanic healer.
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Soul Journey is an intense and mystical experience created by the ancient shamanic drum experience. Lesley learned this shamanic practice during her incredible experiences in northern Canada and the Arctic circle many years ago. This particular drum beat actually alters brain-waves helping us slip into the theta and delta patterns that release the soul and allow us to astral travel with ease. It is not, however, a game and should be taken very seriously.

For those wishing to explore their inner realms and receive serious and profound wisdom, this Audio can be an invaluable tool. Yet is also suitable for the novice through to the more experienced shamanic healer.

In this two-track recording Lesley's shares some ritual prayers and chants as she takes you on a powerful shamans journey into the centre of the earth. There you will discover your medicine powers and your totem animal spirit. You may also receive messages and guidance as the Native American Indian drum guides you along this wonderful journey of power. On this two track recording Lesley also takes you on a deeper journey to allow you to uncover and awaken your memory of past life experiences. This allows you to heal wounds you still carry but also embrace wisdom and power you once enjoyed in previous life-times.

It is vital that you focus on this meditation in a quiet and undisturbed environment. Do not use it whilst driving a car or operating machinery of any kind. Ideally you will listen to it with headphones, or ear-buds so that every sound can reverberate through your mind. I also suggest you darken the room, lie down on the floor or a bed, and burn some sage-smudge to invoke the Grandmother Spirits. The recording is an MP3 recording so may be used in most audio systems and can be downloaded onto your computer.

This powerful recording is sure to be a popular recording so order yours today. You will be able to by Soul Journey at any good music store, or you can order it here

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