Songs of the Goddess incorporates traditional Native American Indian chants with Celtic Goddess songs into a beautiful, earth-blending of one-ness.
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Songs of the Goddess
incorporates traditional Native American Indian chants with Celtic and European Goddess songs as a tribute to the Eternal Goddess within everyone and our sweet Mother Earth. Lesley learned the Celtic traditional songs from from her Grandmother in far north Scotland. She also spent many years with Native American Indian people in Canada and that is where she learned how to make drums and chant the traditional healing songs.

This MP3 recording is a blending and celebration of Earth Songs and love songs that can be used in groups and in personal meditations. Lesley has also included her famous Goddess Chant which, when sung every morning, helps us awaken our own inner Goddess consciousness. The lovely Rose Garden, written by Lesley for those who have journeyed through abuse, rejection and suffering helps us heal those wounds by remembering that we are always in the Garden of Love. All of the songs and chants bring harmony and balance to the soul and to our beloved Mother Earth.

Please listen to this short You-Tube video of a Celtic Goddess song, incorporating some of Lesley's Goddess art pictures. Lesley played the drum and the flute on this recording.

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Songs of the Goddess was professional recorded and mixed by Avondale Music in NSW. It is available at most good music shops. However, you may purchase the recording here.

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