Would you like to learn how to see the human aura? Would you like to awaken your natural clairvoyant abilities?? Lightbody will introduce you to this amazing practice and show you how to develop your own intuitive abilities using Lesley's methods. This book is a handy eBook! and is now available as a paperback book, via this site. You can still get the eBook, via Amazon Kindle.
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We are all light-beings having an earthly experience but very often we start to identify just with the physical world (our jobs, family, ethnic community, etc) and forget we are actually a light-body.Lesley offers in-depth explanations of her techniques and tips to literally seeing the human aura, and then knowing the meaning of the various colours. She explains the totem animal spirits that she sees around your aura, and the basic information of the spirit guides.

You will find this book is written in simple, down-to-earth style with practical tips on opening your own spiritual abilities. This book is currently only available as a Kindle eBook, or ePub/or PDF available via this site. The print book is coming soon. 


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LIGHTBODY - Awakening Inner Sight

So much is written and speculated on the “Light-Body” that it is little wonder so many people feel overwhelmed or confused. The many light-body integration classes, special initiation workshops and dozens of books explaining various systems of activation are all wonderful and exciting ways of awakening our soul, but there is another way of understanding which I would like to share. I believe that by viewing the light-body from a new perspective it will become easier to see and understand our true spiritual essence.

 The ancients hold much wisdom for us, if we would just look. I have studied the teachings of the mystery schools particularly the Essenes and the ancient Mayans of South America. They explain that God or the Creator is a being of light and we are extensions of that light. The physical body was a later creation forged to seemingly separate us from this eternal reality. We see this analogy in the dozens of ancient legends that refer to the “fall” or “the expulsion from the Garden” or a memory of an ancient “golden age” of times long ago. The powerful text, A Course In Miracles which influences many great teachers, describes us all as “Great Rays” who have forgotten this identity. It also makes clear, that in order to return to that wisdom, we must acknowledge what is described as the spark or the “little light.” I believe as we acknowledge this “little light” or the aura, the greater light of our true essence will be revealed to us easily and naturally.

 This is where this book fits in. We are going to start by studying the aura, what it tells us, how to read and understand this “little light.” From there we will begin to take the small but steady steps that will activate your own awareness and ability to see this energy.


LightAmazonebook20 littleThe word aura is probably a misnomer. It simply means a light that emanates from something. Of course, we now know the aura is the energy of the body and that it actually sustains the physical. The aura is an aspect of the soul or the eternal part of yourself. However, we are stuck with the name, and it is only a name, so let’s not confuse things by introducing a new name.

When the aura is described as a simple energy or light that surrounds the body, it tends to over simplify this energy. Your aura is an aspect of your soul. It is like a cloud of colourful energies that click-in and connect to the physical through a series of spiritual vortexes, known as the chakras. Your aura then extends way beyond its outer region to the higher spiritual levels. When a body dies the aura does not diminish. I have seen that as the body dies the chakras pull out of the physical body. They actually make a popping or clicking sound when this occurs. The auric energy rises above the physical, then reunites with the higher energies and then slowly drifts away. Get to know your aura, for it is the part of you that is eternal and connects you to the rest of your soul energy.

I am often asked what colour a person’s aura is but there is no simple answer because the aura contains many colours. I am yet to see an aura with only one colour, although there are those with a predominant colour which means that they are working on a very concentrated level with a particular energy. Even so, I usually see small amounts of other colours here and there. But like all things there are exceptions.

 Some years ago the Dalai Lama visited Melbourne and I was given free tickets to hear the wise man speak. I was very excited, mainly because I would be able to see his energies. I was not disappointed for indeed his energies were amazing.

 I was sitting with my friends and we were all straining our necks to see when he would arrive. Initially I felt a higher, yet very soft and gentle vibration. Then slowly I began to see soft silvery blue energies gently drifting out of the doorway where the Dalai Lama was expected to enter. I alerted my friends and we all inched forward in our chairs, but it was another three or four minutes before the physical body of the lama entered the arena. His aura was so large, that “it” arrived shortly before he did. I can only speak for myself, my experiences, and how the energy presented itself to me so please remember that all energy is filtered through the essence of your being.

 As I watched I saw a very blue/silvery aura that resonated a soft iridescent energy of love. As he spoke, I saw large spheres of silvery white with twinkling blue centres floating over his head. They looked like an iridescent blue dandelion spore hovering and bouncing into his aura via his crown chakra. Above his head three or four balls of energy hovered connecting him to higher spiritual levels, which I believe are aspects of the ancient Tibetan spiritual lineage.

A101Lesley 19 2I learn from every experience, for we often see energies differently, although the meaning is always the same. Now, when I see these silvery/blue spheres of energy I know that the person has a strong connection to Tibet and may have a Tibetan guide or spiritual guardian assisting them. When this energy is very strong can also indicate that a past life in Tibet that is currently influencing them.

 Another important energy to be aware of is the golden energy that flows through and around a person when the angels work with them. When this happens I see a strong golden iridescence covering the outer part of the aura making all the colours appear more golden than usual. This often dissolves or is passed to another as the person disengages their energy. When this doesn’t happen this means that the person is strongly guided by the angels because they have an important angelic mission to complete. It may also mean that the person in question may be an angel seemingly living in a human body. This phenomenon used to be rare but is becoming less so as we move towards the shifting of earth consciousness........

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