These small white deer Medicine Bags are each unique, but made of traditional materials.
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These small personal medicine bag are usually worn around the neck and are used for prayer and remembering. A medicine worker (man or woman) places special crystals, herbs, amulets and beads inside the bag to help empower their prayers and ceremonies.

These special white deer skin bags have been made on the Northern Cree Reservation from the medicine robe (dress) of a great deceased Medicine Woman. They vibrate an enormous energy and are dedicated to healing Mother Earth and all her wayward children (us!)

If you feel called to pray peace and dedicate healing to Mother Earth and all life, twice a month on the new and full moon, wearing one of these medicine bags or having one with you in ceremony will help you to connect to the higher Native powers.

Each bag varies in design. The beads used are all old ones used by Grandmother Gladys on her medicine garments during her ceremonies, therefore they are old, dull and a little worn. The white deer skin has been hunted traditionally, with ceremony. It was tanned in a traditional way, and the dress was used in thousands of ceremonies for many years.

Attune to your heart and if you feel called to embrace this power, please order your bag today via this site, or via Lesley directly. All proceeds go back to the Reservation to support land rights. The cost is $25 which includes Australian postage.

If you are unsure of the ceremony, remember that prayer is universal. Lesley will gladly send you information on "how to" conducts your personal moon prayer with the bag and any other sacred medicine tools you may already have.


We are all relatives .. it is time to live that truth!