The Animal Spirit Keepers, also known as Totems are vital to your spiritual growth. It is through their alignment and loving, instinctive guidance that we strengthen our own intuition, instincts and feelings. Lesley includes one or two totems in the general reading, but this drawing focuses exclusively on the totem's gifts for you and how they work with you.
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The Animal Spirit Keepers, or totems, that accompany you on your Earth Journey are an essential element of your guidance.


Native American Indian traditional people call your totem animal spirits your "medicine." what this means is that their gifts of power flow to you so you can help the world. Totem animal spirits can help you embrace your life purpose and assist you with your career. For example, a teacher always has a strong connection to either the : wolf * coyote * fox .... Each of these four legged ones assist you to share information. However, each is a very different expression of "medicine!"

The wolf is the hard-working teacher who spends hours with his or her students gently guiding them forward. These are the special teachers we remember all our lives. The Fox shelters and nurtures other teachers by creating his "fox lodge" to help the students and to form a "healing/learning" space for others. Many owners or managers of Healing Centres and meditation ashrams have fox medicine. They also protect teachers and their unique wisdom. Many fox medicine people write books outlining the wisdom of other teachers so that this information is not lost to the ages. The Coyote teacher offers harsh teaching through trickery and humour. The coyote has a "bad wrap" because they are often referred to as "bad" teachers... there is no such thing as a bad teacher...If we have connected with a coyote teacher and feel we have been "burned" we need to recognise that we needed the lesson of harshness and each of us always attracted the right teacher at the right time.

There is so much more to totems than most people imagine. This drawing/reading combo helps you connect more fully and with wisdom to your unique medicine and your combination of totems.

Many people become confused because of the many different explanations given to define the inner power of totems, but in the end, you need to discover your own inner connection and this depends upon your soul’s journey. Lesley was trained directly by Native American Indian elders in Canada, many years ago, and so brings a wealth of knowledge to this field. Lesley is able to attune herself to you and draw a beautiful collage of your various totems and give you very personal insights into their messages and gifts for you and this lifetime.
Your very personal Totem animal portrait will help you understand the practical side of your life purpose and bring you many intuitive gifts. This wonderful portrait of your animal spirits can be framed and placed in your home for you to meditate with. It is also a wonderful piece of art that would be appreciated by anyone. Lesley also includes a written explanation of the totems and their individual gifts to you.
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or Portrait:
You can choose to have your picture completed in "portrait" or "landscape" style.. please see above. 
After you have placed your order, please email Lesley with your details. She requires your full name, birthday and a recent photo. This helps Lesley get the right vibration and connection to you and your guides. You may also choose your paper colour: Black * Navy Blue Light Blue. The paper sizes are 55 x 70 cm and are professional high quality archival papers. Please tell Lesley if you would like your picture completed in "landscape" or "Portrait" style .. please see above!
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