Everyone needs a little extra guidance from spirit to help us understand our lives, challenges and our spiritual destiny. Lesley offers clairvoyant, in person and/or written, readings to help you gain deeper insights into your current situation. Every reading is a unique blend of her clairvoyant abilities, along with channeled messages/guidance from your Spirit Guides and the angels who reveal a spiritual overview of your life journey, your karma (positive and negative) and the past-lifetimes that are currently impacting your current life journey.
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Lesley has offered clairvoyant readings for over forty years. She works with tarot and various divination cards, as required, but most importantly, she is able to clairvoyantly attune to your spirit guides and angels. In addition, Lesley is a channel for Archangel Michael, and Mary Magdalene and their insights into your life journey can be incredibly insightful. Lesley combines these energies to receive deep insights into your life, your direction and your destiny. There are several options and combinations available:


OPTION 1 - IN PERSON - One Hour Sessions: Lesley uses a variety of Tarot Cards including the famous Rider Waite deck as well as her unique Sacred Journey Oracle Cards to get further clarification about your questions. She also uses numerology and basic astrology to gain deeper insights into your life. She is a channel so your reading will include guidance and advice from the spirit world, including your personal spirit guides/angels as well as the Universal Spiritual Masters. This helps you make clearer and more creative decisions with your life. Lesley also draws your aura energies, including your chakras. This gives you valuable insights into your health, wealth and wellbeing. This full colour chart is included in every reading.

Lesley offers sessions in her home in Queensland (BURLEIGH HEADS) or a variety of locations around Australia. Please check her itinerary to discover when she is in your area or email her to be placed on her email newsletter list!

OPTION 2 - Four to Ten Page WRITTEN CLAIRVOYANT READINGLesley is a channel and has the ability to connect to your guides and angels, and they actually move her fingers on the keyboard of a computer (once a typewriter!!!) Lesley simply goes into a light trance, asks the questions you have sent her, and they type out the answer on the screen, often very quickly. In one case, over a thousand words came through in fifteen minutes, something that is supposedly impossible! However, computers do contain crystal chips and therefore the spirit world finds it quite easy to use these mechanisms to communicate with us.

These written readings are ideal for those who have already received a picture of their guide/angel, or simply wants to gain deeper insights or clarification on their current situation. Lesley reconnects to the guide, and brings forth your written reading. She prints it out and posts it to you, but she is happy to email it to you if you prefer a speedier answer.

Please contact her for further clarification.



OPTION 3 - Six to Sixteen Page ASTROLOGY READING with CHARTS/ANALYSIS - The study of the star and planetary patterns and their influence in your life, offers you some amazing insights into your life's pathway. In her unique soul-based astrological readings, Lesley calculates your personal natal chart and interprets it from a spiritual or soul point of view. This is not about "fortune telling" but rather the analysis of karmic patterns in your chart. Your chart offers insights into your past-lifetime patterns, your karmic debts and issues, as well as your life purpose and where you need to focus your life. This is all explained in great detail in the written reading. You can also order a transit chart which indicates which planets are affecting you for the next twelve months., which is usually four or five pages long. Includes Australian Postage. 

Please supply your exact time of birth and the place of birth. The stars change every ten minutes (particularly the planet Mercury!)  If you are not sure of the time, please contact the hospital/clinic because they may have these details on your records. If you are still not sure of the time, Lesley can use the pendulum to get a near time. of the most important aspects of the astrology chart is the ascendant which changes every two hours. The ascendant indicates your approach to life and is therefore a very important element of the chart. However, the moon and the sun are in the same sign all day!


lesleyauthor3Special Note:  When ordering any reading, please email Lesley (see link at the bottom of the page) with details of your full name, birthday (time and place of birth for the astrological reading) a recent photo, and return mailing address. This information helps Lesley get a strong connection to your energy to ensure clarity. You may also email her questions to ask of your guide/angel but please note that there are some things you are not meant to know. Lesley will ask, but if they refuse to answer, or only offer obscure answers it is because it would be detrimental for you to know this information. Spirit is in charge, and ultimately we are their servants.


Please Note: If you prefer to do internet banking this can be arranged. Please email her via the button below. Australian postage is included in the cost of all written readings. Overseas postage can be added. Please email Lesley for more information and to get a quote for postage to you!



Lesley also offers personal sessions at many Mind-Body-Spirit Festivals around Australia. Please check her schedule for more details.

Please contact Lesley for additional ordering information.