Have you ever wondered why you were drawn to the partner you have? Do you wonder if you have known each other before, or if you were meant to release a karmic contract? A Soul-Mate Reading can help answer these questions.
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Have you ever wondered why you have the partner you have? Do you feel that you have known each other before? Do you wander if you are meant to release or heal a karmic contract?

Lesley will draw the angel who assists and supports you both on your joint spiritual journey and bring through some vital messages, information and guidance to help you understand and nurture your soul-mate relationship. Sometimes you are guided by two angels, one each, but sometimes there is one angel for both of you. This occurs in ancient soul-mate connections when you both have the same angel to help you navigate the challenging road of a joint ministry. Soul-mate relationships can be stressful because they are meant to increase spiritual growth in BOTH people. They can go out of balance if one sacrifices too much for the other. Therefore a spiritual meditation with this angel will help both of you to gain a deeper insight into this life-choice, past-life-time links you may have shared as well as help you to recognise the lessons and the challenges involved.




Lesley can offer you the painting in either portrait style or landscape style. The paper is the same size, but it is drawn on the side. This can make the painting more interesting and therefore the faces of the angels will be slightly larger. It is a personal choice. 


After you have placed your order, please email Lesley with your details. She requires your full name, birthday and a recent photo. This helps Lesley get the right vibration and connection to you and your guides. You may also choose your paper colour: Black * Navy Blue * Turquoise * Pink * brown * Light Blue. The paper sizes are 55 x 70 cm and are professional high quality archival papers. Please let Lesley know if you want it "portrait" or "landscape" style.
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Australian postage is included in the cost of all these readings. Overseas postage can be added. Please email Lesley for more information and to get a quote for postage to you!.