Everyone has many Spirit Guides and Angels at their side. There are several options to choose from, including portraits of Guides, Angels and totems along with special messages. Or you can order a family picture of each angel of each family member, which comes with a message from each angel. Please read the many options available.......
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owlmanThe choices in this option are all created on the larger sized paper (50 x 70cm) in order to include more than one energy and give you a powerful, and impactful portrait of your energies.
The Power Guide portrait is offered to help you connect to your main guide.  This includes a deep reading with guidance and advice from the main guide. This includes past-life times information that is currently impacting your life. Your main guide will outline your main karmic lessons, and how to deepen your awareness of you soul's purpose, the pathway you need to travel in this lifetime, along with spiritual techniques that will assist your spiritual blossoming. In some cases, there are other guides and angels who come to you with a specific spiritual pathway. Each person has their own unique spiritual journey, and your main guide outlines this in very simple, but powerful ways. The sample (left) is drawn in portrait style, and includes several totem animal spirit guides in addition to the main guide.
Past Lifetime Reading: In this option, guides from previous lifetimes, and perhaps former relatives or friends from those lifetimes come forward to offer you insights into the main past-lifetimes that are impacting on you. This will help explain why you feel an attraction to certain cultures or geographical locations on the Earth. The option may be drawn in either landscape or portrait style. You must email Lesley and request the style you wish to receive. This option also includes a three to five page reading from the guides in question.
15Angelic Wisdom: We are all guided by many angels. Lesley offers a guardian angel portrait in the smaller size, but if you wish to have a multiple angel portrait of all your angels, including the Archangel who works with you, this is your option! You may choose portrait or landscape style. This option comes with a four to five page written reading with messages from each angel. Each angel is also named and his or her duties outlined for you. The portrait here, to the left, is Lesley's Guardian angel who helps her create the drawings, please note that her wings come from the heart chakra.
Lesley can also create a Family Unity portrait of each angel in your house-hold and how they connect to each member of your family. This painting helps you to understand the karmic link that has drawn you together in this lifetime. This information offers you deep insights into your current life challenges and the way you can embrace spiritual growth. This can also be requested in landscape or portrait style. 
You can request that Lesley create any of these options in either "portrait" or "landscape" style. Or you can leave it up to spirit to direct Lesley to the best option.  Each person is unique and the guidance you receive from your spiritual guides is always perfect for you at this time. In all cases, you will receive a personal portrait which will always include your main guide, as this is the strongest energy around you. You may also receive messages from your guardian, a Healing Guide and angels if they wish to come forward at this time. In some cases, only one guide comes through. This is rare, but it means you are being asked to focus only on this new pathway and additional guides are waiting for you to attain a higher spiritual vibration. What comes through is always perfect for you at this time. You can ask for smaller sized paper, however, please be aware that your portait may look squished and hard to see if the paper is the smaller size. Please email Lesley to discuss your choice and see if it is viable.
Lesley also includes written messages and guidance of three to four pages approximately. This portrait always includes some totems, and also the aura colours she sees around you and the main chakra your guide connects to.
(Please see sample picture done in landscape style, to the right!)

The Family Portrait includes each angel of every member of the family. This special portrait will also allow you to understand each other better, as you discover past-life links that you share and why you have been brought together. Your angels will guide you to create harmony in your household. If you are having difficulties, this angelic picture may help remedy the problem, particularly if you place it in the family section of your home (Feng Shui).
This portrait can be offered as a "portrait" style, with the paper 70cm long and 55 wide, or "landscape" as above, with the same size paper used sideways. If you have a large family, it is usually best to have the portrait drawn in Landscape as it looks less cluttered. However, you can select the style you prefer along with your paper colour choices.
PLEASE Note:   Lesley will need the full names and birthdays of each member of the family, plus photos of everyone to help her get in connection with your particular energy. After you have placed your order, please email Lesley with your details. You may also choose your paper colour: Black * Navy Blue * Turquoise * Pink * brown * Light Blue. The paper sizes are 55 x 70 cm and are professional high quality archival papers.
lesleyauthor3ADDITIONAL NOTE If you prefer to do internet banking this can be arranged. Please email her via the button below.
Australian postage is included in the cost of all these readings. Overseas postage can be added. Please email Lesley for more information and to get a quote for the postage to you!