See your Spirit Guide and Your Totem Animal Spirits in full colour gazing back at you from your very own personal portrait. This reading includes a colour drawing of your aura colours, animal/totem spirits, chakra energies along with the face of your spirit guide. You also receive a clairvoyant written reading.
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Everyone has a unique spiritual destiny. Your natural intuition,  when connected to spirit, guides the way in gentleness and beauty. Spiritual Guidance presents itself in many forms. These include: Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Teachers, Angels and Animal Totem Spirits. They provide you with their unique gifts of wisdom and inspiration that smooths your pathway forward. They are not magic pixies who take away all obstacles, but rather wise and compassionate guide-helpers who assist and encourage you strengthen your intuition, your psychic and clairvoyant powers and then blossom into your own mastery! It helps when you know who they are and if you have a past-life connection with them! It helps you develop more confidence in your ability to receive clear guidance!

Lesley has over thirty years experience as a psychic clairvoyant. She actually "sees" your guides and draws them exactly as they look. Order your own unique and personal full-colour portrait of your guides, angels, totems and aura energies, drawn in professional quality pastels with high-quality art paper, especially for you by Lesley.

Each drawing comes with an in-depth written clairvoyant reading of approximately one page. The size of this portrait is 35 x 50cm and in full colour.  You may also request a large sized drawing.

Each picture includes your Totem Animal Spirit helpers. These beautiful little souls come to each of us to enhance our natural physical intuition. They speak to you through your feelings, your body and therefore guide you instinctively. Sometimes, especially if we are unwell or very tired, the Totems take over and gently guide us to safety and tranquility. They also help us strengthen our clairvoyant abilities. Most importantly, animal Spirits show us our "medicine" or what gifts we have to share with the world. Every teacher has a wolf somewhere in their aura. Every healer works with the bear in some way. Therefore, if you ache to know your life purpose it is important to have some insight into your Totems!

You will also notice the large spheres of light and energy in each of the pictures. These are the chakra energies which help us process energy and messages received from the guides, angels and totems. When the chakra expands and spins it brings through the messages into our being, helping us literally "get a handle" on what is happening to us. Lesley draws the chakras that are the most active in your life at this time. This includes the aura colours which indicate your sensitivity to new energies and your natural propensity to align with certain teachings or wisdom ways. This is explained in more detail in the written reading. If this interests you, Lesley has written several books on this subject matter, including The Empath, Living Luminosity and the Goddess Codes. Please read more about this in the book section of this site.

Lesley's artwork is as unique as you are. Your personal pastel painting/drawing becomes a tool to awaken and support your own intuitive and psychic abilities. You will receive a full colour painting of your guide, your totem animal spirit helpers, a complete aura analysis and a clairvoyant reading with channeled messages from the angels and the Ascended Masters of the Universe. Choose from a short or long reading!

You have more than one guide. This reading concentrates on your main guide. However, if you wish to have a portrait that includes all your guides/angels, please select the "MANY GUIDES" reading. 


Lesley offers her unique and personal spiritual pictures in either "Portrait" or "Landscape" style. The paper is the same size, but the picture is either drawn with the longer section going sideways or length-ways. Please see the two examples above and below: The advantage of the Landscape style is that your Totem animal spirits are bigger because there is more space for them. 

or..... Portrait

Your Spirit Guides support you with in many and various aspects of life. We each have a guardian guide or angel who helps us stay strong, healthy and safe. We have a guide or angel who helps us with our career or life-purpose. We may have a guide to help us develop our healing talents or offer spiritual support. Teachers always have a guide to help them offer wisdom to their students and every artist is inspired by a muse, angel or an old master. You may wish to have several portraits done of your various guides and angels. Our deceased loved ones are not our spirit guides. But they are spiritual supporters who help us in times of stress or anxiety. You may see a beloved grandmother during your meditation, but that is because she simply sending you love and support. Sometimes people are so terrified of the spirit world that the guides ask the deceased loved ones to step forward to sooth their fears, doubts and anxieties. Therefore, I do not connect to your loved ones except for my special "Beyond the Veil" pictures. Instead I go to a higher vibration and attune to the guiding spirits who are here to help you to fulfill your life purpose.

If you are unsure of which reading to choose, please email me, but all you need to do is go inside your own heart and ask. If you receive a soft, gentle and warm feeling it is your guides encouraging you to take this opportunity. If you feel cold, nervous or bored, then you have no need for a picture or reading right now. Follow your heart, and you can never go wrong!

After you have placed your order, please email Lesley with your details. She requires your full name, birthday and a recent photo. This helps Lesley get the right vibration and connection to you and your guides. You may also choose between "portrait or Landscape" style, or leave it up to her and your spirit guide to choose. All papers are professional high quality archival papers. Your portait comes rolled up in a tube, wrapped in special non-acid tissue paper. Please unroll it slowly and allow the picture to straighten out overnight before framing or laminating it. 


lesleyauthor3Please Note: If you prefer to do internet banking this can be arranged. Please email Lesley via the button below and she will email you all the details.

Australian postage is included in the cost of all these readings. Overseas postage can be added. Please email Lesley for more information and to get a quote for postage to you!




 Lesley also offers her spiritual portraits and readings at various Festivals. Please check out her itinerary page for further details!