Receive your very own Angel drawing/portrait with a short written reading. Your personal Guardian Angel is with you from the beginning to the end of your life. He or She guides you with wisdom but also inspires you with hope and love. Discover your special angelic guide and receive special messages and inspiration that will bring light, beauty and joy into your life.
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Your own personal portrait of your angel will inspire your life and bring many angelic blessings into your world!

We are each assigned at least one Guardian Angel to walk at our side and gently guide us and keep us safe. In this dark and challenging time in history, a strong connection to your angel is more vital than ever. If you sometimes feel despair or confusion, your Angel can help you find your focus, inspiration and inner knowing once again. Guides will help us with the practicalities of life, but the Angels inspire us to develop our own inner spiritual abilities and join the Angelic realms whilst we remain upon the Earth living our daily lives.

In this reading Lesley will attune to your personal Guardian Angel (or more, depending on the number of angels working with you!) and bring through the relevant messages and inspiration.

Each angel aligns with an archangel. Lesley will discover which Archangel works with you and brings through any additional messages from him or her.

You receive a full colour pastel picture of your angel, plus a one or two page typed reading with personal messages from your Angel. This is a smaller picture than the large ones that includes additional guide and/or totem animal spirits. The size you receive is 35cm x 50cm. You can request the larger size paper.

Your angel never leaves you. Spirit Guides often move on when their assignment with you is complete, but Angels are in for the long haul, therefore you can keep this picture always. Lesley is always given the name of your angel and any special crystals or spiritual colours that help you stay aligned with him or her. This is particularly helpful during time of stress or difficulties.

Angels come to help us to our feet when times are tough, but more importantly, they help us develop our own "angel wings" to fly above the difficulties of life on the Earth-plane. You can also order an Angel picture for your child, or as a gift for another. It is a beautiful present for a nervous child because it should always be placed in the bedroom where the little one can look at it when he or she is afraid. It also makes the ideal Christening or Baptism gift.

After you have placed your order, please email Lesley with your details, or the details of the recipient. She requires your full name, birthday and a recent photo. This helps Lesley get the right vibration and connection to you and your guides. The paper size is 55 x 70 cm on professional high quality archival cloth-papers. Your full colour picture is rolled together with your written reading and posted to you in a tube. Expect a 10 day turn over, but Lesley will email you when your tube is posted out to you. 


lesleyauthor3Please Note: If you prefer to do internet banking this can be arranged. Please email Lesley for details.

Australian postage is included in the cost of all these readings. Overseas postage is usually an additional $25.

Please email Lesley for a quote.