Healing is simply a return to oneness... everyone who heals receives healing... we are all one!
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The word healing is a contentious subject matter that carries a lot of emotion, expectations and conscious and subconscious fear. I trained with traditional people, many years ago in Canada, but that was not the end of my journey. From there I travelled the world and learned from many other traditions. Yet it is the traditions of the people of Great Turtle Island which still guide my protocols. This is why I have never charged money for ceremony and for healings.  We believe it puts the wrong energy of expectation into the whole operation.. and yet I also know that western people need to give and learn humbleness.

I have offered few healings because of this dilemma, however, our friend the Internet does have many benefits. I have set up a system where you can order a healing from me (which includes my spiritual network!) and also support Native American Indian people. I support a wonderful school operating from Alberta Canada which is dedicated to healing and teaching Native American Indian young people. I can assure you that although the banks will take their cut via transfer fees, I personally will not accept any money for myself, therefore your full donation goes directly towards this endeavour. You will give, in order to receive healing.. !


Shamanic healing is, in essence, an alignment between you and the shaman. He or She connects their energy to yours and reprograms your thought systems. It is very much like an older brother or sister guiding you across a busy and dangerous road. They hold your hand, and gently push and pull you in the right direction. If you are sick, either in the mind or the body (or both!) it is because you are out of alignment. It really is that simple! Great Spirit made us perfect. When we are aligned with Great Spirit we reflect his/her perfection. We are spirit. The body is only a reflection of spirit. Therefore, we must heal the spirit in order to heal the body. 

My tradition uses a series of rituals, along with tobacco to pray and align with you. If you would like a healing, please make a donation. Then you simply email me your request. I need your full name, including previous names, and your birthday. This helps me align with your spirit. This is not a reading. I will not be getting details as to why you have manifested the illness. I am here to help you help yourself, nothing more.

For further clarification on my traditions please read the blogs in the Shaman's Journey section, or (and!) read my book series: The Shaman's Door.

What I offer will either align with you or not. What I offer should not replace your other medications or advice from other professionals. Be sensible. Use all the tools spirit offer you, and follow your own instincts and feelings.


I am here to serve you for we are all relations.. we are all one.. blessed be...