STARSEEDS - 2 - The Owl

StarSeed Beings, Empaths and Earth Mystics are here on mission to offer global and inter-galactic healing by awakening others to their spiritual truth. Yet so often they are prevented from achieving this by the natural attraction to Narcissists. This challenge impacts all Awakening StarSeeds who must find ways of healing whilst remaining safe. At this stage in the Earth's Awakening, people with "narcissism" dominate the world, our culture and the spiritual community. In this book Mary Magdalene explains the link between Mystics, StarSeeds and Narcissists and what that means to living your full Life Purpose.
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This is the second book in Lesley's StarSeed series and includes information relevant to all mystics, including Empaths, StarSeed Beings and Earth Mystics/shamans. It is channeled and guided by the Starseed Mary Magdalene, who is part of my soul and of yours too.

This book focuses on the journey of the mystic to full spiritual awakening and thus living in this world in an enlightened state of being. This pathway has always been challenging but in this book Lesley focuses on the dubious gifts given to all mystics by Narcissists.

Every mystic has come into contact in small or large ways with people who have this mental illness. The term was coined by Sigmund Freud in the 1800s for a rare mental disability which was characterized by a propensity for selfishness, lack of compassion and the inability to relate to others. At that time it was very rare, but today it appears that most of the world's leaders, major corporations and organizations are dominated by CEOs and others who are blatent narcissists. The spiritual field is far from immune to this expression and sadly many phoney "gurus" and "priests" are in fact narcissists putting on a good act of pretending to be loving and compassionate beings. This also why we are seeing so many spiritual leaders involved in sexual and financial misconduct. 

It would be simple to just walk away from narcissists and leave them to their own journey, but many Mystics have partners, children, parents, and close family members who are narcissists, and it is not in the nature of the loving mystic to abandon those who share her earthly journey. 

This book is for any mystic, be they a StarSeed, Empath, or Earth Mystic/Shaman who has had or is experiencing close relationships and connections with narcissists. As with the other books in the series, it is guided by the StarSeed Mary Magdalene to outline the strategies and tactics employed by narcissists and then offer a healing pathway for both the Mystic and the Narcissist to walk. It is not easy, however, and so this journey is not for every mystic. In some cases the most healing action a mystic can take is to lovingly walk away. This book offers you the spiritual tools you need to make a healthy choice for yourself and for those who you love.

All of this is covered in this book, along with deep insights into the journey to Eden, or a return to the healed state of being. The goal of returning to the enlightened state of love in this world is the ultimate goal of every mystic. For it is in her healed daily life that she will raise the universal energy level of this world, allowing everyone to live in love, peace, joy and abundance. Because every StarSeed and Empath has returned to this world, time after time, to offer healing. Perhaps the ultimate healing will be as they gently, and lovingly guided narcissists to the promised land of their own spiritual awakening.

In this book, Lesley shares a poem given to her by Mary based on the old Victorian poem, the Owl and the Pussycat. The analagy of travelling across the sea together as strange companions is used to describe the journey of the mystic and the narcissist.

This paperback book include a reprint of Lesley's book: StarBody, which has been out of print for some years. This book was first published in the early 2000s and is a firm foundation for the journey of the spirit. It is included as a FREE gift at the end of this book. 


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