Are you an Empath? Do your energies get overwhelmed by others, do you pick up negative or heavy emotional feelings, and find it difficult to clear yourself of these often toxic experiences? You are psychic, but so much more and this means you are an Empath and therefore in need to true understanding of your psyche and your soul. In this book, Lesley explains what it means, in practical terms, to live and work as an Empath in this very challenging world. She offers a simple test to see how many Empath elements you have, and then takes you on your own journey of spiritual self discovery.
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In ancient times the Mystery Schools protected the secrets of the mystics and guided those who were ready to awaken their inner powers. These secrets were written in a Grimoire or a Codex and gifted to the new student to guide him/her. A codex is a textbook compiled from other books or references and it contains the wisdom of magic, both light and dark. This Codex is a compilation of wisdom magic offered to me in the Scottish Mystery Schools of the Outer Islands, many years ago, and now I share this wisdom with you.

There are a huge number of incarnating Empaths coming into the world at this time. This is because the world is about to change enormously and rapidly because if we do not, the world will die. We all know this at some level, and this is why so many StarSeeds and Empaths are in this world ready to make it change. 

One of the most difficult and challenging life choices is to incarnate in this world as an Empath, for you are super-sensitive and prone to your energy being leaked or taken by others. Many Empaths are spiritually influenced and impressed by people who may have dark or selfish intentions and then "used" to manifest a dark agenda. Empaths are powerful, but without training, they can be vulnerable, naive and easily influenced by other "experts" who are usually dark magicians. If you feel you are an Empath and feel confused and pulled in many directions at the same time, it is imperative that you understand your powers and abilities. You are a target because of your sensitivities and beautiful natural energy. You need to gain some insights into your powers, how to remain safe, how to awaken inner abilities, and most importantly, fulfill your higher life purpose. This book covers all these areas and gives you wisdom to find your own inner wisdom. A very simple, but profound test is included to help you see what kind of Empath you are, and how to protect your energies from leaking to others, or being deliberately drained by others. This book is essentially a "hand book" for the sensitives of the world.

This book is not for the faint-hearted, or for the strongly religious.

It is for the awakening free spirit who is ready to soar like an eagle.


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