SHAMANS DOOR -2 - Kachina

A mysterious invitation to visit the ancient Hopi mesas in the deep desert wilderness of Arizona takes a young woman on an amazing transformative journey. This book shares the wisdom of women's wisdom, the ancient moon lodge, and the mystical power of women who gather together to share wisdom and ceremony. Lesley spent a long, hot summer living on the Mesas, making pottery, and learning to eat blue corn.. this book will inspire you to embrace a more spiritual pathway....
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This book follows on from Wolf Trail. An invitation to visit the desert community of the Hopi people in Arizona turned into a summer of profound wisdom. In this book, Lesley describes how she explored the prophesies and legends of the Hopi people. Yet it was her participation in ceremonies that stretch back to the dawn of time, living in the simple humbleness of sleeping on the floor, eating blue-corn food and working in the fields that led to a powerful and profound spiritual awakening for her.

This is a very personal journey along the ancient butterfly trail to transformation. Every woman walks the pathway of the butterfly. Some stay stuck as hungry caterpillars, consuming every workshop, new healing modality, or the latest trendy clothes. Others go inside, and just like a butterfly weave a new life that gifts them with the butterfly wings of transformation. The key is to embrace ancient feminine power. This is a very personal story that will inspire you to live in harmony with nature and the power of Grandmother Moon. Only then will you discover your own butterfly trail within your heart.

All the books in the Shaman's Door series are based on the wisdom teachings of the Dawn Star Lodge, a traditional inter-tribal teaching lodge that encourages all people from all races to embrace their innate inner wisdom.


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