SHAMANS DOOR -3 - Ghost Mountain

This is a very personal, and at times heart-breaking account of Lesley's journey to Ghost Mountain, the place of the Vision Quest and awakening shamanic wisdom. Only when you are ready to become a ghost can you receive your true Medicine Powers. Medicine is never sought; it arrives When you are ready and open to receive. The medicine totem enters the sacred medicine wheel and makes you part of his/her spirit clan. You then belong to the totem, and you are therefore under his/her guidance for the rest of your life.....
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In this very personal account, Lesley returns from Arizona, where she learned the Moon Lodge ways from the traditional Hopi people. She is drawn to her Medicine Teachers in Alberta, Canada to take the journey of the Vision Quest. Over the summer she is initiated into the lodge teachings and participates in traditional ceremony. In one sacred ceremony, she is blindfolded and must find her way home through a thick forest. The only way she can do this safely is to use her clairvoyant vision. Finally, after much preparation, she is taken deep into the mysterious Rocky Mountains to a dark and sacred cave that contains ancient inscriptions and paintings. She is placed inside a circle of prayer-ties and must wait here, without food or nourishment for four days. Despite feeling inadequate and doomed to failure, her totem arrives and enters her circle making her part of his clan. She is now owned by this spirit and his wisdom opens her up to receive the ancient wisdom and the powers of the Medicine Woman.

This is a story that will make you laugh and cry, but most importantly, it is a story that will inspire you to embrace your own inner medicine powers. Medicine Powers, or knowing your Life Purpose, is knowing what gifts Great Spirit has given you to share with others -- this and this alone, is the mark of the true Shaman.

In this book you will share Lesley's spiritual pathway, and learn how you can discover and uncover your medicine. Knowing your medicine, and sharing it with the world is the highest expression of spiritual truth.

This is the final in the Shaman's Door trilogy. There is also a WORKBOOK for those who wish to live the shaman's life. This book, is called Sacred Circle. It contains all the information on the Plains Indian Medicine Wheel, every crystal, and herb, along with information on planting, harvesting and drying sacred herbs for ceremonial purpose. This book is a must for any serious shaman who wishes to acknowledge the ancient teachings.

All these teachings are gifted from the Dawn Star Lodge.


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