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Omega Constellation Replica Watches

Omega Constellation Replica Watches, an independent Swiss watchmaker has created a new skeltonized version of the Tonda 1950. This model celebrates the ultra-thin movement that made the Tonda 1950 so popular. The Fleurier-based company decided to produce two versions of this piece. The frame of both the women's and man's versions is identical, and they're fitted into a case with a diameter of 39 mm. Due to the diamond-encrusted dial, the ladies' version of Tonda 1950 Squelette is a little thicker and more expensive. The women's Tonda 1950 Squelette has a different housing material, and a semitransparent crystal on the dial that gives it a frosted look. The price for the version aimed at the fairer sex is around $43,500, while the version aimed at the men's sex is around $47150.

The new Omega Constellation Replica Watches timepiece, which will debut at the upcoming Salon de la Haute Horlogerie in 2015, is centered on the brand’s PF 701, which is the second-thinnest automatic movement with a profile that measures 2.5 mm. omega constellation replica watches's P1208 has the thinnest profile of all the calibers, measuring 2.35 mm. Here is the second thinnest caliber in the entire world, PF 705, displayed on both sides.

The caliber is a hand-made watch that displays beveling, brushed finishes and other decorative elements. It looks great in its stripped down and exposed form. The exposed caliber also has a micro-rotor that is off-centered and made from solid platinum. This is what allows the movement to be as thin as it is. The caliber is skeletonized and has 144 components in its construction. It ticks at a frequency of 21,600 vph. The only two functions of this caliber are the central hands. This is understandable considering its size. Caliber PF702 is powered by a 42-hour power supply.

Omega Constellation Replica Watches has two versions, as has already been stated. The housing of the men's version is made from white gold. The version that allows a better view of the workings of the caliber is 7.8mm thick and has a black wrist strap.Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches The Ladies model comes with the same Hermes alligator wristlet with ardillon clasp.

The color of this attachment is brown. The second version comes in a pink-gold casing with an 8.4mm thicker profile. There is, of course, a different bezel that is immediately visible. It is decorated with 84 stones. The ladies' version is still as beautiful, even though it doesn't give the same insight into the workings of the caliber that it runs on.