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Spirit Vision

AMMA - The Holy Soul Contract

The lost legacy of balanced eternal love is revealed and channeled by Mary Magdalene. The love shared between Mary and Jesus was and is not earthly romantic love, but the spiritual love of two soul-mates/twin-souls, and that is what we really ache for. Mary is and final Goddess who comes to awaken truth in all women. It is her love-flame that burns gently within every woman who has cried and felt her power belittled and stifled. Her flame glows sweetly in every man who aches to touch the divine feminine and step into wholeness. She is the voice lost in the wilderness for the last two thousand years and now it is time to awaken her within, for that is her true home. As you read her words you will again find her flame in your heart awakening your inner Goddess allowing her awaken fully and live in you again!
Back in print again - A5 size.

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Spirit Vision


Are you an Empath? - Do you feel a deep connection with all of nature and yet find large crowds and angry people difficult to cope with? There is an influx of Mystics known as Empaths returning to the world at this time of great change. At the same time mental illness, depression, drug addiction and suicide has hit plague proportions. The choice between light and dark has never been so urgent or so challenging.

The Empath Codex Veritas is the manual for all Empaths and rebel-angels. If you feel you are an Empath and experience confusion by being energetically pulled in many directions at the same time, it is imperative that you understand your powers and abilities or risk falling into darkness. You are a target because of your sensitivities. You need to gain some insights into the shadow worlds, the dark ones and the prison of the Nagual worlds. This is manifesting very strongly now in our world right now as we prepare for the Aquarian shift of 2021.

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Spirit Vision


The Codes are spiritual symphony that awakens inner divine transformation. Only when we enter the inner sacred space of the heart will the gifts of the Goddess be revealed and blossom. Her pathway is one of pure love for the self and for all creation. Love is expansive and transforms all pain and suffering in an instant. Eternal and pure, love is the only gift we bring into this world and all we can take with us when we leave.

In this very personal account, the awakening Goddess pathway is revealed under the guidance of Mary Magdalene. Each ancient Goddess offers gifts or patterns which trigger personal and planetary healing awaken.

This book follows Amma Na Tha. It is a personal journey in search of the Goddess mysteries in Jerusalem, Southern France and in Canada only then did the author realize she had been walking the Goddess pathway all along. So have you!

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Spirit Vision


Spirit guides and angels are always at your side, for indeed you never walk alone, but most of us long to “see” them and see the aura. This book focuses on awakening these abilities and allowing your natural clairvoyant abilities to arise within.

Each of us is on an earth-journey of self-discovery but we don’t have to work it all out on our own. We enter this world and forget our origins, but as we connect to the loving angels and spirit guides at our side, this journey becomes easier.

This book focuses on the human aura, angels, totem animal spirits and spiritual guides. This book teaches you how to see the aura and awaken your ability to heal the human aura. It is a required book for Lesley’s Spirit Guide Art Training classes.

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Spirit Vision


Are you a LightWorker? As we now enter the Aquarian Age the LightWorker must step up and assist our world and bring healing. This book contains the fundamental teachings of the LightWorker and will assist StarSeeds, Empaths and Earth-Shamans to bring planetary healing as our world moves into a new era. Includes deep insights into the Seven Essene Mirrors, the Dragon teachings as well as the StarCodes for the Aquarian Age and how they affect each LightWorker. It begins in 2020 with a mystery illness and then culminates in a huge planetary crossroads which begins in 2021 and moves deeper in 2024. By the end of this shift, in 2044, the universe will be very different. 

Are you ready for the shift of the age? This book not only reveals the wisdom required, but how to activate it in your life. Includes Mystery School teachings, including the book of mirrors. We are all meant to blossom and shine in concert with the Universe.

This book offers the ancient secrets that awaken your inner spiritual power and align you with the new Aquarian Age..

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Spirit Vision


The wolf trail is the band of stars we call “The Milky Way.” To the traditional Native American Indian people it was created by the many footsteps of the spirit wolves who dance across the sky each night. The wolf calls everyone and guides us to our spiritual family, spiritual wisdom and our soul-mates. – Learn to walk the wolf trail in life.

It is said that there are two wolves either side of you - One is a black wolf and would lead you into darkness and selfish choices; the other is the white wolf and this wolf would guide into the light of love and gratitude. You are guided by the wolf you feed. The black wolf enjoys bitterness, anger, annoyance and all negative feelings. The white wolf eats love, truth, kindness, compassion and all good things.

This is the first book of the series. The author goes to the far north of Canada and meets a mysterious Cree Indian Medicine Woman who gently teaches her the mysteries of the Medicine Wheel and the relationship to all of life. The author realizes she has been feeding the black wolf, and now much begin to encourage her relationship with the white wolf. She meets the protector of the clan, a young Indian brave called Michael. He becomes her guardian as she awakens her shamanic powers. This is the first book in the Shaman’s Door Series.

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Spirit Vision


A surprising invitation to visit the ancient Hopi mesas in the deep desert wilderness of Arizona takes a young woman on an amazing transformative journey. She is initiated into the women’s mysteries by a wise elder and then explores the mysterious Hopi prophesies. Slowly and over time, she learns to embrace the power of the woman’s Moon Lodge and true feminine power. The sweet inner beauty of woman-kind and their gifts for the world are revealed in the mystical Kivas and in the ancient ceremonial dances.

This is a very personal account of a very hot summer spent on the Hopi Mesas living, working and playing with traditional Hopi people. This is her account of her personal transformation from a caterpillar to the fully fledged beauty of the butterfly. It is a story of feminine empowerment that will inspire you to live in harmony with nature and the power of Grandmother Moon. Only then will you will discover your own butterfly trail inside your heart.

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Spirit Vision


In this very personal and at times heart-breaking account, the author reveals her amazing journey into the Rocky Mountains of western Canada to experience the traditional vision quest in a sacred cave and discover her medicine powers.

This is Ghost Mountain where the spirits open the inner shaman’s door that awakens and reveals the medicine path/life purpose. Michael the Eagleman walks at her side, sharing their love as they step into their medicine powers and face a world determined to destroy the gentle way of honouring all life. This is a heart-touching story of self-empowerment that will make you laugh and cry. It is a personal account of transformation in the face of the greed, exploitation and cruelty. Shamanic traditions are under threat in every corner of the world because only the shaman-wisdom can guide us towards the open door of spiritual and planetary freedom.

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Spirit Vision

WORKBOOK: The Sacred Circle

This is the foundation wisdom of all spiritual teachings. These gems of wisdom are found in all Earth traditions and particularly in Native American Indian Plains people. This book offers a wealth of information and detailed descriptions of the traditions and ceremonies used by Earth Medicine people in practical terms. Discover the traditions of : -

* Smudging * Sacred Herbs * Medicine Bags * * The Medicine Wheel ** Sacred Stones * Sacred Crystals * Herbal Medicine * Dream pillows * Ceremonies ** Wisdom traditions * Moon Lodge power* and more!

Make your own Medicine Wheel - grow your own smudge herbs! This “workbook” has vital information for all healers and Earth Medicine People, world-wide.

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Spirit Vision

STARSEEDS and The MYSTIC - The Narcissist Journey

Are you a StarSeed? or are members of your family StarSeeds, Crystal Children or Indigos? There are many StarSeed worlds and each has unique gifts of inner power. This book was first published in 2010 and has been updated regularly as this energy expands. It examines every StarSeed soul-thread and describes what it means to be an incarnated StarSeed being living in this world as we now enter the Age of Aquarius. The first book comprises of three smaller books: StarSeed Codes * The Sapphire Contract * The Holy Grail. 

The new Aquarian Age has awakened many StarSeed Beings who have returned to integrate and express Universal Consciousness - if you are called discover/uncover your Spiritual Contract.
The Mystic and the Narcissist - There is a contract or alignment with StarSeed Beings ( * Empaths * Mystics) who find themselves in a pattern of drawing Narcissists into their lives. This is because of a karmic, or sacred alliance they have elected to embrace in this lifetime. However, it is not easy! This book -- The Mystic and The Narcissists Journey is for those Mystics who have embraced the contract of coming to this world specifically to heal Narcissists. If you are attracting narcissists into your life, you may have this contract - your heart will tell you.

The journey of the awakened StarSeed can be traumatic. Some StarSeeds become stuck in the shattering process and may even express extreme darkness. Others have closed down, trying to remain safe in a frightening world. Yet there are many StarSeeds and they bring many gifts for the world. The Sapphire Contract is the blue-light of truth they are bringing into the Earth world at this time of shifting change.

All StarSeeds are being asked to become powerful LightWorkers to bring about change, awakening and healing in our world.

StarSeeds, Empaths and Mystics are incredibly sensitive, yet they seem to draw many Narcissists into their lives. There is a gift in this attraction which offers a deeper, spiritual journey of healing. This can only occur if the StarSeed is willing to take the transformative voyage across the Karmic Sea to the promised Eden-land where healing can bring enlightenment and ascension, to everyone. 

Explore this journey with these transformative and liberating books. Each book sold separately.

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Spirit Vision

THE BLUE STAR – The Fifth World of Consciousness revealed by the Hopi People. A prophesy for our times.

The ancient wisdom of all peoples, from every corner of the world points to a spiritual awakening during this time. The Hopi people call it the Blue Star, but this star is also the light of liberation which is available to everyone at any time. We live in a world that has spiralled into a prison but we can choose to shift upwards to the Fifth World at any time. 
In this book, Lesley tracks her journey with the Hopi People and their inscriptions on stone, to the crop circles of England and to the temples of India, to discover the same message in every corner of the world. Liberation is now if you want it, and every wise teaching points to the same truths found in the Medicine Wheel and the Hopi wisdom. This book pulls it altogether allowing you to take the steps to align with your personal Blue Star at this time of great changes and challenges in our world today.

This is Lesley's newest book and is based on over thirty years of research and personal exploration. In this book she pulls all the threads of awakened consciousness together. Awakened consciousness is ,the Fifth Element which changes alchemy of the soul. Only this golden thread takes us individually and collectively into the next spiritual dimension.

Her journey takes her from Arizona and then finally back to the cradle of spirituality in India to experience a powerful awakening.

 Lesley's journey was ultimately the most natural and effortless blossoming because she simply followed the signs of love. Work is not required, just love for that is the eternal sunshine of the awakened being.

Recognise the signs that are illuminating your pathway in this incredible personal account.

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Spirit Vision

STAR LIGHT - The War in Heaven and the Medicine Path

We are now entering the new Age of Aquarius, and the Celestial Speed-up promised back in the mid 1960s. It is time for LightWorkers to help raise spiritual consciousness, but it is vital that we know why our world is the way it is.  We live in a world of constant conflict and abuse because it has been engineered to be that way. We were created to live in mutual agreement and love and we long to return to that garden but we cannot until we release the shackles that bind the mind. This book looks at how the problem arose and offers a solution. This is an intense and large book -- Four Books in one. It contains the original 1960s book: War in Heaven along with The Quiet Answer, Medicine Man and The Star Lit Path.

This book has the original manuscripts but most importantly, it also contains information from the Medicine Keepers of North America about why there are "earth bound" spirits, how deceased spirits get "stuck" and, how to release your "mind-shackles" also known as the mind-virus, or the Wetiko --  There is a war in heaven, and constant war on earth, but beyond this is liberation's door.

This book is for readers who want the deepest levels of personal, planetary and Universal healing and to ascend beyond the cycle of birth/rebirth to a higher level of consciousness. Only by returning to your true nature can you lift out of the cycle back to your original essence.

The Celestial Speed-Up can be seen in the heavens with the movement of Saturn into Aquarius in December 2020 but the challenges continue throughout the 2020s as the LightWorkers literally work to return the world to harmony. In order to be an effective Light Worker, you need all the facts, including the unwelcome and distressing fact that this world has become a "prison" planet. You cannot leave if you do not know you are imprisoned or that the door is not locked at all -- order your copy today.

Are you ready for the deepest truth?

Are you ready to heal the world and become the Miracle Worker.

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